• Say goodbye to crow's feet Say goodbye to crow's feet

    The crow's feet are dynamic wrinkles, which are highlighted with the movement of mimic muscles, those that allow changes in facial expression. The cosmetic capable of erasing not only does not exist but it is also difficult to be developed, precisely because they are highlighted intermittently: if the face is relaxed they are absent, but at the slightest smile or change of expression here they appear. Moreover, they are not all the same and aesthetic medicine proposes different solutions to mitigate them.

    Contrary to what we think, the blepharoplasty can not erase them: "To make them invisible, the doctor should over-stretch the skin, a situation that would prevent any movement to the eyelids. The wrinkles around the eyes are due to the action of the orbicularis, that is, the contracting one closes the eyes. This muscle has a more peripheral part that does not have the function of closing the eyelids, but only to lower the side part of the eyebrow, explains Carlo Gasperoni, professor at the Master of Aesthetic Surgery of the Face at the University Tor Vergata in Rome. "These wrinkles are treated with botulinum toxin injections that work by relaxing or stopping the muscle, which therefore no longer causes the wrinkle. The lateral part of the eyebrow, lacking the muscle tone of the lateral muscle part, goes back a little. Therefore these injections are made of botulinum toxin with the dual purpose of eliminating them by raising the tail of the eyebrow. When wrinkles are not only lateral, but are also present under the eyes, this treatment with botulinum toxin is not possible because otherwise the eyes would not close more correctly. In these cases, if there is also some skin abundance, the plastic surgeon can act with a blepharoplasty intervention by redistributing the skin".

    For those looking for a soft solution, injections of natural hyaluronic acid can be an effective and minimally invasive solution to counteract this type of expression wrinkles: "Free of additive chemicals and adhesives, it is a powerful regenerant that stimulates both the production of collagen, which give tone and compactness to the skin, both the microcirculation, which is generally quite fragile in the eye contour area, "explains Antonino Di Pietro, professor and director of the Vita Cutis Milano Dermoclinico Institute. "With the overlap technique, the doctor injects very small amounts of this substance, allowing the needle to penetrate the surface several times, lifting the skin folds and releasing the active agent".

  • Surgery and aesthetic medicine: 3 solutions to brighten your eyes Surgery and aesthetic medicine: 3 solutions to brighten your eyes

    There is nothing like a smiling look to give a radiant look to the face. The aphorism of an anonymous person effectively explains this magic: "A smile costs less than electricity, but it gives more light!". An amplified effect when the contour skin is smooth and smooth, free from imperfections. However, when cosmetic treatments are not enough to mitigate them, help comes from plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors, beauty professionals who suggest targeted treatments for each problem.

    The first thing to do: identify the expert  "To overcome all doubts and not have unpleasant surprises, the first step is to identify the competent aesthetic doctor with clinical experience, the only one able to accurately evaluate and suggest how to intervene with a soft approach area by area", emphasizes the plastic surgeon reconstructive and aesthetic Fiorella Donati. "Injections are great tools to reverse the signs of aging, prevent and mitigate them: but they must be used in the right way."

    The fine lines of the side dish   "The periocular wrinkles, those" chicken feet "that frame the eyes and the vertical glabellar ones that appear between the eyebrows are treated with baby botox" explains Donati. "To obtain it, minimal amounts of active are inoculated, following the course of the skin furrows. The range of action is extensive and there is no precise map: it is created and built from time to time on personal characteristics ".

    An alternative   For those who still do not want to resort to Botox, to mitigate crow's feet and small sagging Beautif-eye Fillmed is the protocol that aims to biorevitalize the periocular area with a soft peeling and micro-injections of an exclusive cocktail of vitamins, amino acids and non cross-linked hyaluronic acid creates lumps. "The release of the revitalizing substances is achieved with a patented system of microneedles that act away from the edges of the eye" underlines Francesco Marchetti, plastic surgeon specializing in plastic and aesthetic surgery. "It has a lifting effect on the upper eyelids, reduces bags and smoothes skin furrows".

    The most requested intervention   For major sagging and bags you need a scalpel. "The most requested surgery in the age group between 40 and 50 is precisely blepharoplasty, because the skin of the upper eyelid yields and increases the periocular fat, making the look tired and aged" says the reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon Fiorella Donated.

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