Op-Art visions and illusions on Valverde water

Op-Art visions and illusions on Valverde water
Op-Art visions and illusions on Valverde water

To make its water increasingly protagonist of the tables of the best restaurants in the Bel Paese and the world, periodically Valverde involves students of the main design schools in their creative projects. This year he has chosen to work with Polimoda, an Italian fashion school based in Florence that delves into the themes of language, aesthetics, content and research.

This is how Valverde Black & White was born, the new line of bottles resulting from Giulia Vischi's creative project Geometric Elegance. In order to realize them, the student was inspired by the works of Franco Grignani, Italian painter and graphic designer, a leading exponent of Op Art, the artistic current that plays and has fun with optical illusions and visual distortions.

The new Valverde Black & White bottles are covered by different graphisms that indicate the type of water they receive inside: linear strokes for the natural one, moved for the slightly sparkling version, and swirling for the sparkling type.

The fixed residue of 38.2 mg \ l allows Valverde water, which flows from the rocks in Valsesia to the slopes of Monte Rosa, the name of "minimally mineralized." Not only that, but its very low sodium content that settles on 3.5 mg \ l makes it ideal for those suffering from hypertension and to counteract water retention, while the moderately low pH (degree of acidity) (6.6) makes it the best ally at the table for those with digestive problems.

A quality Italian water, unique in its kind, that is already distinguished (and remembered) not only for the taste that refreshes the palate, but also for its iconic bottle of clear and transparent glass. Designed by Matteo Thun & Partners, in fact, it is also a design object for its essential and elegant style, with the the precious metallic and colored label in shades of turquoise, fuchsia and acid green.

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