Oliviero Toscani, the online shop of the "bad" of photography

Oliviero Toscani, the online shop of the "bad" of photography

To find out something about a master of contemporary photography, today there is the Oliviero Toscani Bazaar online shop; 100 photographs each in 4 formats and declined in as many price ranges. A unique opportunity to explore the world of the provocative and irreverent Italian creative, author of many advertising campaigns that have mixed current events and commercial communication.

An unmistakable touch

His photos have always been discussed. San Francesco, the latest in a long series created for Benetton commercials, is from 2019 and portrays a group of young people without veils is an anthem against civil wars, mafias, urban violence, ethnic conflicts, against fault wars and religion, against terrorism and against all resurgent racisms.

The collaboration with Andy Warhol

The author has also made a lot of talk about himself for the portraits of characters who have gone down in history. For example, in 1975 he managed to persuade his friend and Pop Art exponent to pose for a fashion shoot in his studio in Canargie Hall in New York, persuading Andy Warhol to wear clothes he would not choose. When, years later, he came to Italy, he told Toscani that people on the street recognized him because they had seen him in "Vogue".

The 5 jobs of the photographer

Oliviero Toscani's photographs always send a message, and have such an irresistible appeal for his particular approach. “More and more advanced mobile phones allow anyone the opportunity to take incredible shots. But this is not enough to create something memorable and leave its mark. The photographer must combine at least five different professions: he must be author, screenwriter, set designer, director, director of photography and also cameramen, or whoever shoots, but only after having been everything else. If he succeeds, he will be ready for Formula 1, otherwise in life he will only be a chauffeur" said in an interview with corriere.it.


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