Giorgio Pizzoni. The umbrella policy and the strategy of small steps

Giorgio Pizzoni

Man and gentleman of the past. Elegant, composed, with strong and steady family values, with a lively, very attentive and demanding look. Giorgio Pizzoni is the architect of the foundation and growth of a company, Pool Pharma. Established in 1997, it focused on the world of food supplements sold in pharmacies when the sector - which is currently experiencing a moment of great ferment - was at the beginning in Italy.

Today, Pool Pharma is the market leader in this segment, a result that is the result of a precise strategy. «In an ambitious project, the skill of the entrepreneur is to bring together people and resources, ideas and resources. Wanting to do everything on your own is useless: it is much better to select the specialists of each branch of activity and make them work in harmony », says Giorgio Pizzoni.

In a company it serves those who can understand and predict people's desires, who have the skills to formulate the product, who is structured to make it, who has experience to distribute it and who has the means and capabilities to promote it properly. It is unthinkable that a man alone can do all this. The work climate is also fundamental to success. The atmosphere that is breathed among the desks, if it is positive, is of fundamental importance. It could not therefore be missing a person who was working to establish the right harmony among the workers.
«My vision of the company can be defined as the policy of small steps: the important thing is to always advance, regardless of whether the step is large or small. To cover a kilometer, you need a lot of centimeters. Starting from the first centimeter is the best way to get to centomillesimo » emphasizes Pizzoni.

The first Pool Pharma food supplement was MG.K Vis. Mg is the symbol of magnesium, K is that of potassium and Vis is the Latin word meaning force. This formula has been communicated to consumers thanks to a strategy that has focused on telepromotions managed by hosts who illustrate their characteristics. And that's how the new source of energy for the tired and stressed organism immediately became a success. Later, always "sons" of MF. K Vis, MF were born. K Vis Instant Energy, MF. K Vis Recharge Plus, each with specific features. This mode is called umbrella strategy, which consists in declining the same product with additional features or for different recipients.

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