Vicuña. The Golden Fleece

Vicuña: the fleece of the gods
Vicuña: the fleece of the gods

Not everyone knows that the vicuña is the mantle of the eponymous South American animal, an endangered species which counts very few specimens. There are few companies that can market this precious fiber, also called "the Golden Fleece" or "the Fleece of the Gods" because in the Inca civilization it was only used by the King. This explains why vicuña's dresses are so expensive.
I had the opportunity to wear a precious vicuña's coat illuminated by a lurex thread, and I admit that the feeling of warmth and lightness that offers are truly unique. I find it is a versatile garment, perfect for all occasions.
This model is part of a very exclusive collection signed by Nobile Cashmere, the Italian Company that has its own headquarter in Piazza Mentana in the heart of Milan. In this magic place you can create your tailor made vicuña's garment.

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