Sophisticated flashes

Sophisticated flashes
Sophisticated flashes

This year I have succumbed to the charm of the golden hues. The inspiration comes from this beautiful picture of Rihanna, smashing with skirt suits with silk satin translucent created by Giorgio Armani. An outfit that combines rigor and seduction, that requires a skin illuminted by golden glow.
To achieve this, I suggest four products, to be used under the terms of your incarnate.
Sublime Tan Huile Visage & Corps by Eisenberg is also perfect for those who are not yet tanned. It contains camellia oil, vitamin E, the molecular formula Tri-oxygenating and protective matched micropagliuzze that reflect light.
Huile Prodigieux by Nuxe, however, is a perfect treatment to light tan, and it is also the right cosmetic for hair shine. It smells of orange blossom, magnolia and vanilla. It has a dry texture and contains a cocktail of six precious vegetable oils: macadamia, hazelnut, borage, sweet almond, camellia and hypericum. Here the limited edition Je suis Prodigieuse.
Oropuro by Rephase is a treatment light suitable for all skin types. It contains colloidal gold: it protects from the sun, smoothes the skin and illuminates it with golden highlights.
Capri Sun by Lancaster is the final touch: a scented water with fresh citrus, white flowers and tuberose. You can also use during sunbathing. Delicious also the design that decorates the bottle, created by designer Susanna Spelta.

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