Ski fashion is glamorous and irresistible

Ski fashion is glamorous and irresistible
Ski fashion is glamorous and irresistible

Increasingly functional and built on the silhouette, this year "one piece" garments dominate the ski slopes. To be worn alone or combined with coordinated jackets, the new models are reminiscent of haute couture creations

Before leaving for the mountains, when building the right wardrobe for skiing, functionality always comes first. But the eye wants its part. Thus, having archived forever those too roomy and not very feminine of the past, today we have new jumpsuits that design the silhouette. They are made with light technological materials with a "barrier effect", capable of insulating from the cold and keeping the body temperature constant, and satisfy the need to wear something beautiful, thanks to models that design the figure as only a tailor can do and have drawings and prints that come very close to an artistic composition.

The unmistakable Pucci’s colors

After the war, it was the Marquis Emilio Pucci who created the ski suit in 1947, and it was with this garment that he began his career as a designer. Subsequently, in 1960 he developed an innovative elastic fabric that wrapped around the body and facilitated movement on skis. Today his unmistakable prints continue to enliven the models for skiing, so beautiful and refined that they make you want to wear them even every day in the city.

Credit Photo: courtesy Pucci

Giorgio Armani's touch of class

Who has not noticed the refined Giorgio Armani Neve advertising campaign? Slender silhouettes with optical graphic inserts are the details that make the suits born for the ski slopes but also very suitable for a cocktail at high altitude (and not only). Made with a range of precious materials and technical treatments, the new collection redefines the elegance of skiing, adding a retro and refined touch to sportswear garments.

Credit Photo: Giorgio Armani (Designer), Daniel Clavero (Photographer), Herin Choi (Fashion Editor/Stylist), Matthew Tuozzoli (Hair Stylist), Arianna Campa (Makeup Artist), Francisco Vargas (Retoucher)

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