I love pink

I like pink
I like pink

For me were two strokes of lightning. The first: the pink makeup MAC signed in collaboration with Giambattista Valli, a fashion designer that I really love because his creations are not trivial, communicate femininity and opulence, lightness and extreme attention to detail, all seasoned with a dash of irreverence. The matte lipstick White B is creamy and comfortable on the lips, which gives a nice pale pink. To complete the makeup of the mouth cannot miss a touch of gloss in pan Lena Crystal Glaze Gloss by tapping with the fingertips.
And then there is a second pink that caught my attention: the new eyeshadow Eye Colour Cream Dusty Pink No.104 by Burberry. The first time I tried this product I was surprised by the consistency: soft as a creamy mousse, I could easily roll it out with a fingertip, and then I used a small brush to draw the border of the lower eyelid.
Lipstick, lip gloss and eyeshadow, in short, that I consider key elements of a simple trick to make but results sophisticated, innocent for the delicate nuances of color and, for this reason, even mischievous. Suitable for enhancing the colors of all women.

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