Beautiful eyes with the right care

Beautiful eyes with the right care
Beautiful eyes with the right care

Even if the charm of the eye is enclosed in the look, an important component of its beauty is found in that tiny space in which the iris moves: the more it is candid, saturated and luminous, completely devoid of imperfections, the more beautiful it is.

In the United States, to satisfy the desire to have "a whitest white that can not" and get rid of redness and stains, there is the "plastic conjunctiva" (it's called I-Brite), which consists of the surgical removal of the conjunctiva, the protective and lubricating mucous membrane that covers the eyeball.

To avoid reaching such extreme solutions, there are good habits and simple precautions that allow us to preserve the well-being and beauty of the eye.

With a thickness of about 33 microns, the conjunctiva is a sort of protective moisturizing coat that plays a key role: not only protects the eyeball, but also exerts an immune action that helps prevent infections. For this reason its well-being must be preserved with precise and timely attention.

"As with the skin, one of the most insidious enemies of the conjunctiva is dehydration, which causes the onset of dryness, irritation and redness. Signals not to be overlooked not only for aesthetic reasons: when they occur frequently they can degenerate into real diseases ", explains Giulio Maria Modorati, surgeon specialized in ophthalmology San Raffaele Hospital and director of the Uveiti Center in Milan. "That's why the most important thing is to make sure that the eye always has a surplus" tearing ", especially considering the environment in which we live or spend most of the day".

Those who live in cities with a high level of pollution, spend a lot of time in closed and dusty places with air conditioning (cold or hot), or often face long journeys by train or plane, must get in the habit of instilling 3-4 drops every 2-3 hours of artificial tears. "These are special eye drops containing lubricating active ingredients that allow the surface of the eye to be constantly moistened", continues Giulio Maria Modorati.
"Single-dose artificial tears with no preservatives should be preferred. In fact, a study conducted well in Mexico on 1,200 patients showed that the absence of preservatives in this type of product improves eye comfort ".

Even the eyes, like the skin, suffer cell damage when they are exposed to sunlight, which are considered real invisible enemies. For this reason, the use of sunglasses with UV-protected protective shields by law is mandatory.
"Recent studies also warn against blue light. Issued from smartphones, tablets, computers and even from television it is scientifically proven to damage the retina and accelerate the processes that lead to the onset of maculopathies. In these cases, glasses equipped with new lenses designed to effectively shield from this type of wavelength are helpful ", emphasizes the ophthalmologist.

Beware of excesses that are addictive. The whitening eye drops should not be used routinely. "They are vasoconstrictors and reduce the thickness of the veins that can form on the conjunctiva: if they are instilled frequently they not only become ineffective but, in some cases, also create dependence", concludes the expert.

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