A special treat for the face and mind

A special treat for the face and body
A special treat for the face and body

By Aldo Coppola, in Corso Europa in Milan, I discovered an angle of absolute well-being: the magical beauty temple of Valmont, the Swiss cosmetics company that also offers some in Italy its high quality treatments that are intended to preserve youthful skin and hair. The treatment that I tried was a real biological facelift of pure collagen, thanks too to the expert hands of the beautician who gave it to me has become a total sensory experience.

The session began with a very thorough cleaning of the skin, followed by a gentle massage that made it even more effective action of the peeling. The pleasantness of fingertip stresses is subsequently increased by the application of hot towels on the face, which served also to remove residual scrubbing.

These steps have lasted ten minutes, during which I felt completely relaxed. I did not know, however, that the real pleasure would come with the butterfly massage, a technique which consists in the slow movement, sinuous and enveloping of hands that glide over the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Fingers, then, you are sometimes lingered to urge the main points of the meridians (used in acupuncture) in order to give firmness to the skin, oxygenate tissues, stimulate microcirculation and relax expression lines.

After the butterfly massage (lasted about fifteen minutes) the beautician applied the Regenerating Mask Treatment, a thin veil soaked in pure collagen (which makes the skin compact) and the Glacier Water (rich in minerals that invigorate the cellular metabolism and improve the skin's immune system). During the application (lasted twenty minutes), I received another pleasure: the beautician gave a massage to my hands and feet.

I recommend this experience because it has given me many benefits: a soft and glowing skin, and a sense of general relaxation. Results of which I have enjoyed for more than a week.

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