The solemnity of silence

The solemnity of silence
The solemnity of silence

Piero della Francesca
Musei di San Domenico, Forli - Until June 26, 2016

Piero is a giant of painting: he builds the figures as if they were buildings. The bodies are the backbone, the clothes, the coating.
The exhibition of Forli identifies the role of of Piero della Francesca like a teacher and generator of very interesting developments arising after the Renaissance, and who find themselves in works with the same monumentality created by a lot of authors like, for example, Felice Casorati.

In the picture: Our Lady of Mercy of Piero della Francesca and Silvana Cenni di Felice Casorati

Edited by Feliciano Marotta

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Francesca Marotta: giornalista di moda e beauty, curiosa, sognatrice, anticonformista. Amo l’Italia, l’arte, le esperienze, gli stili di vita, il design... da wow!