Living with art

Living with art

Segni Urbani, from 14 June 2018
Rivolta Immobiliare, Viale Carso 11 - 15th, Rome

It satisfies the sight and it is a stimulus for the imagination and the thought. Art is good for the spirit, and bringing it into the home makes the environment more welcoming. The house, in fact, represents our identity, and complete it with an artistic object further enriches it and helps to make it even more welcoming, in tune with ourselves.

The proposal to use it as a tool to enhance the home comes with the exhibition Segni Urbani wanted by Rivolta Immobiliare since 1956. The pictorial exhibition, conceived and directed by the president of the agency with his sons Marco and Luca with Francesco Francesconi, is focused on works by the artist Edelweiss Molina and wants to offer a reflection on the complementary relationship that is created between art and living space: on the one hand the work of art embellishes the space in which it is located, on the other there is the environment that "Guards" the work of art.

"I consider the innovative approach of Rivolta Immobiliare in Italy, and I am proud to be able to contribute with my works to shed light on the essential combination of art and living spaces, especially in a city of art par excellence like Rome," says Edelweiss Molina. "It is important that the role of art in our lives and in its interaction with the space in which we live is recognized."

In the eight works that will be exhibited, including two three-meter-long abstract triptychs, the artist investigates the relationship between the elements of nature and urban reality that man inhabits, with its load of desires, tensions and fears. His art finds an ideal collocation in the inhabited space, almost as if it were designed to be guarded by it.
"The city represented by Molina is full of contradictions, silent and deafening, it is a place of sudden apparitions, full of signs and color, in which images and shadow cones gather, holding hidden memories and fragments of forms already lived," comments Lidia Reghini from Pontremoli, art critic and exhibition consultant. "The paintings of Molina are the mirror of our soul: the territory of art is the privileged place to mirror oneself, rediscovering one's own identity between signs and words."

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