Classic contemporary

classic contemporary
classic contemporary

Del bello ideale
Fondazione Carriero, Milan - until 10 February 2019

A journey to the discovery of the 57-year career of a pioneer of Italian conceptual contemporary art, Giulio Paolini, who crosses harmoniously the rooms of Casa Parravicini, a historic fifteenth-century palace, one of the oldest and most fascinating in Milan.

Curated by Francesco Stocchi with the collaboration of the same author, and the interesting scenographic interventions of Margherita Palli, the exhibition succeeds in revealing the sources of inspiration and entering the fulcrum of the artist's poetics.

Accomplice of the realization of this goal is precisely the exhibition path, structured as a real and compelling investigation, divided into three well-defined nuclei: the portrait and the autoritrato (with the author absent); On the surface (line, perspective, horizon, tautology) and One of two (the myth and the classic).

The succession of columns, statues and plaster casts reduced in fragments are not only the sources of inspiration of the artist, but also classical finds that extrapolated from their original context are able to express a new interpretation of the present.

There is an interesting note: the Foundation also offers educational events dedicated to children aged 5 to 3 years, and their families, with the guidance of a museum education expert.


In the picture Portrait of the artist as a model, 1989. Pencil on canvas upside down on the wall and plaster cast.

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Francesca Marotta: giornalista di moda e beauty, curiosa, sognatrice, anticonformista. Amo l’Italia, l’arte, le esperienze, gli stili di vita, il design... da wow!