It's just an illusion

Scritto da: Francesca Marotta
Stella inattivaStella inattivaStella inattivaStella inattivaStella inattiva

Roberta Redaelli, the Como’s designer who signs the ECLèCKTICA collection, has introduced an innovative knitting process called Dinami-Tecs: allows you to get garments that are not creased, never lose their shape and follow the body like a second skin. An extremely pleasant innovation to wear and that gives the confidence to have garments always "in shape".

Untitled is the name of the new spring summer collection ECLèCKTICA by Roberta Redaelli and allows the art to be worn. In fact, the geometric patterns proposed are inspired by the painting called just Untitled, an iconic acrylic painting on canvas by Domenico Battista, the painter who bases his works on the "spatial" research of colors, typical of the avant-garde of the '60s and' 70s, in particular of the Op-Art (also called Optical Art), with lines that follow in an unusual way, creating a contrast between the geometric stiffness of the striped and the fluidity of the colors that give a dreamlike atmosphere to his paintings.

A magic of colorful, full and even delicate lines, which create unprecedented movement illusions, giving fluidity and dynamism to the blouse with porthole on the shoulders and the skirt with soft folds crossed over the waist.

The assembly of this image is done by assembling the shots by Guido Taroni

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