Wrinkles countdown

Scritto da: Francesca Marotta
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To be exact they have 2 hours. An unthinkable result for a cosmetic, but I tried B-Selfie Eyezone Care and actually maintains this promise. It comes in the form of transparent patches, on whose surface you can see many small pointed micro-studs, to be applied on the eye contour, perfectly cleansed, gently tapping them.

The innovation of this treatment is linked to the hyaluronic acid transport method (precious substance produced by the body with the function of moisturizing and protecting the tissues) and growth factors (EGF, proteins that among the various functions intervene in regulating the processes related to cell growth and proliferation in the epidermis). These elements are enclosed in the pointed micro-studs that are able to penetrate the superficial skin layers through a simple pressure of the fingers that makes them dissolve, allowing the release of the active ingredient in depth.

The filler effect is effectively guaranteed, with the cutaneous microsolchi that are effectively filled with the skin that is smooth and luminous. I tried the treatment only once, and the result lasted for several days. Also called do-it-yourself fillers, for results that last longer, they are recommended 4 applications to be repeated 24 hours apart from each other.

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