Eyeshadow palettes and the art of color

Written by: Francesca Marotta
17 November 2020
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Enclosed in decorated and captivating cases, increasingly thin and compact, the bright and opaque, light and dark, finely metallic or glitter shades of the new eyeshadows are an invitation to experimentation. With color selections well thought out to harmonize with each other, the palettes represent a practical way to try your hand, without limitations, in the fascinating art of color. They are the new desire objects. 

Preliminary stages
To ensure an impeccable and long-lasting result, before starting it is always advisable to equip yourself and keep some elements on hand that simplify application and improve yield. Here are the steps to follow by Giada Venturotti makeup artist QSTUDIO MAKEUP-RP.
• Tapping a specific primer is always helpful: they are more transparent and smoothing than those designed for the face, they fix and prolong the duration of the result and avoid unsightly thickening in the eyelid folds.
• In case of dark circles and imperfections, it is always advisable to use a concealer: it not only allows you to keep the nuance in place, but also acts as a shield between the skin and the eyeball: the pigments contained in the eye shadows tend to migrate due to the blinking of the eyelids and , therefore, to move, consequently, towards the inside of the eye causing discomfort.
• The brush is the tool to invest in to achieve a homogeneous distribution. It must have dense, short and soft bristles, with a rounded tip: once the product has been picked up, the ideal movement mimics that of a wiper, moving gently and quickly from one corner to another. Two are needed: one to color, the other to create the points of light on the inner corners of the eye and under the browbone.

The combinations that work
The shades on the market today are formulated to adapt to every type of complexion, a feature that should simplify the game with multicolor palettes. In reality, guessing the right combinations can be a challenge, because when the choice is too large it can get confusing. To identify them, here are the combinations proposed by Giada Venturotti makeup artist QSTUDIO MAKEUP-RP:
- The range of nudes, from evanescent beige to warm terracotta and chocolate, give everyone and represent the basic of make-up, perfect from morning to evening;
- pink with gold, bronze with gray and green with copper are duets that may seem excessive, but in reality they are also suitable for the day;
- for a perfect rainbow make-up, there is a small scheme to follow: light colors, such as yellow or baby pink, are applied to the inner corner of the eye; on the central part of the eyelid yes to intermediate tones such as lilac and green; finally, blue, indigo and purple are used to define the external part.

Shadows and lights
“Mat, galaxy, metal… when it comes to lights and shadows in eye make-up it's easy to get confused. To understand what Michele Magnani is using, Global Senior Artist MAC Cosmetics suggests a simple scheme:
- the shimmer, metallic, holographic effects are given by glitter: metallic micro-fragments, one-color or polychromatic: they give a “wow” result because they capture the light and reflect it in a clear and decisive way;
- the satin finish, on the other hand, is obtained thanks to iridescent micro-pearls that give a discreet, elegant and sophisticated brightness that gives three-dimensionality and depth,
- mat, finally, defines opaque colors based on pure pigments and are devoid of reflective elements. 

Stop the hassles
"Those with sensitive eyes, to avoid redness, irritation and itching, must give up sparkling and shimmering eye shadows because they accentuate these discomforts" explains optician Paolo Revolfato of Eurottica Milano. “Often those who come to check their eyesight complain of problems such as small burns and dehydration due to these types of products. A transparent gel-powder eyeshadow, formulated to stay in place and to be spread over the entire eyelid, on the other hand, proves to be a valid help in not giving up these effects on special occasions, because it prevents the luminous particles from migrating into the eye " .

Final touches
After tracing the contours with eyeliner or pencil, to refine and refine the result it is always advisable to blend them well with the growth line of the lashes, using a small brush with short, soft but firm bristles.
It ends with mascara, an indispensable tool for restoring depth and character to the eye, and avoiding bright tones from being intrusive and creating the optical effect of "canceling" the lashes.

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