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Legendary graphics

Thinking of a trick without a line of eyeliner this year will be almost impossible. Thick and graphic lines, to stand out, or subtle and nuanced, for lovers of sophisticated and well-groomed make-up, it will be the ideal partners to emphasize the cut of the eyes, and also to indulge in imaginative designs that, certainly, will make the look gritty, original and ... capture looks!

Let's not forget a detail that is not negligible: the line of eyeliner is transformist and surprising: it gives a clear and well-defined result by itself, instead fading it with a eyeshadow of the same color makes the result softer and more modular. In short, it does not limit the experimentation and the results it allows to obtain. Also there are the new colors, from white to red, which flank the classic black.

A true passion for this precious make-up tool is Kat Von D. In this image, the American model and tattoo artist has outlined a sort of eye of Horus around the eye using a beautiful hyperpigmented red, vivid, opaque, brash and vibrant that gives her an air of contemporary Cleopatra.

By Francesca Marotta

Photos in this service

Ink Well Outlaw by Kat Von D Beauty from Sephora. It is a mat eyeliner with a felt tip that gives an opaque and resistant result. In the formula there is the Weightless Flex Technology that offers numerous advantages: fast drying, full and intense color as a color cast. In addition it is resistant to water and perspiration. 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Dioshow On Stage Liner Matte White by Dior
With a no transfer and waterproof formula, it creates a perfect line on the first pass thanks to the applicator with a tapered tip of flexible felt. The color white is strategic, as Peter Philips, creative director of Dior make up explains: "I like to use it to enhance the other colors. After applying it, for example, I put on yellow to make it appear brighter, or black to make it more intense. Or tap the eye around the eye to create points of light ".

Fast & Liner Pen by PaolaP
Intensely pigmented with black, it has a consistency that adheres perfectly to the eyelid, tracing a full line that resists over time. Thanks to a gradual release of the product during application, then, guarantees maximum control and a flawless and flawless result

Beautiful Color Bold Defining Liquid Eyeliner N°01 Seriously Black by Elizabeth Arden
Intensely pigmented color formulated to withstand long, without fading or deburring. The thickness of the stretch is modulated by diversifying the pressure of the very thin felt tip.

Say goodbye to crow's feet

The crow's feet are dynamic wrinkles, which are highlighted with the movement of mimic muscles, those that allow changes in facial expression. The cosmetic capable of erasing not only does not exist but it is also difficult to be developed, precisely because they are highlighted intermittently: if the face is relaxed they are absent, but at the slightest smile or change of expression here they appear. Moreover, they are not all the same and aesthetic medicine proposes different solutions to mitigate them.

Contrary to what we think, the blepharoplasty can not erase them: "To make them invisible, the doctor should over-stretch the skin, a situation that would prevent any movement to the eyelids. The wrinkles around the eyes are due to the action of the orbicularis, that is, the contracting one closes the eyes. This muscle has a more peripheral part that does not have the function of closing the eyelids, but only to lower the side part of the eyebrow, explains Carlo Gasperoni, professor at the Master of Aesthetic Surgery of the Face at the University Tor Vergata in Rome. "These wrinkles are treated with botulinum toxin injections that work by relaxing or stopping the muscle, which therefore no longer causes the wrinkle. The lateral part of the eyebrow, lacking the muscle tone of the lateral muscle part, goes back a little. Therefore these injections are made of botulinum toxin with the dual purpose of eliminating them by raising the tail of the eyebrow. When wrinkles are not only lateral, but are also present under the eyes, this treatment with botulinum toxin is not possible because otherwise the eyes would not close more correctly. In these cases, if there is also some skin abundance, the plastic surgeon can act with a blepharoplasty intervention by redistributing the skin".

For those looking for a soft solution, injections of natural hyaluronic acid can be an effective and minimally invasive solution to counteract this type of expression wrinkles: "Free of additive chemicals and adhesives, it is a powerful regenerant that stimulates both the production of collagen, which give tone and compactness to the skin, both the microcirculation, which is generally quite fragile in the eye contour area, "explains Antonino Di Pietro, professor and director of the Vita Cutis Milano Dermoclinico Institute. "With the overlap technique, the doctor injects very small amounts of this substance, allowing the needle to penetrate the surface several times, lifting the skin folds and releasing the active agent".

Anti-stress treatments for your eyes

If an annoying burning of the eyes continues even if it has been a long time since the end of the holidays at sea the reasons are above all environmental. "Salt-rich sea water and the wind on the beach dry up your eyes; the air travel of the outward and backward journey stress the ocular surface and, in those who already have a personal predisposition, as well as burning and dry eyes may also appear redness, and sensation of foreign body in the eye ", explains Giulio Maria Modorati, Ophthalmologist in charge of the Centro Occhio Secco of the San Raffaele Hospital of Milan and of the Uveiti Center of Milan. And they are symptoms that can persist even when many days have passed since the end of the holidays ".

In these cases, the first treatment consists of carefully cleaning the eyes, rinsing them with a physiological solution to try to restore the correct physiology of the ocular surface, which must always be well lubricated in the most natural way possible.

"When the problem does not resolve itself in 4-5 weeks, it is advisable to undergo an accurate eye examination. In fact, only the expert can establish the most suitable therapeutic approach and the most appropriate solutions ". Giulio Modorati says. "The expert will recommend a mild anti-inflammatory therapy associated with the use of artificial tears without preservatives. If the symptoms do not resolve within two weeks, however, the next cure consists of a short cycle of topical steroids (in drops) associated with the use of artificial tears".

Cat eyes without eyeliner

Soft, nuanced and well defined. To make the line on the eyes with the long tail and raised upwards (from cat in short) according to Rjan Tolomei, Make Up Artist by Max Factor, Image Consultant and make-up artist of Italian and Hollywood celebrities, the eyeliner can, for the moment, put in the drawer. And this tool that gives a definite and clear line able to add a touch of exoticism to the look, is no longer so essential, especially for those who are not very familiar with one of the most difficult tools from the beauty case (there are no women who have tried to use it and threw in the towel not being able to draw a continuous line ...) but just perform an accurate work of precision using an automatic pencil and a brush.

"With these two tools you get a line free of stiffness and sharp edges, able to enhance the cut of the eyes in a polite and sophisticated way. At the same time, it gives a luxurious and elegant appearance ".

To make it happen he used Max Factor's automatic pencil Kohl Kajal Liner with a pigmented lead, formulated to be extremely comfortable on the skin and easily shaded, and a small flat brush.

After spiking a concealer in cream to hide the eye and skin imperfections around the eyes, Rjan has first blended an apricot-colored eye shadow under the eyebrow arch, then moved on to a ground-colored shade to define the entire eyelid.

Once this base was prepared, he drew a thin line along the entire length of the edge of the upper eyelid with the automatic pencil, carefully coloring all the spaces between the eyelashes.

After finishing this application, he traced another line on the edge of the upper eyelid, which this time began from about halfway through the eye and continued towards the outer corner, widening and rising.

After carefully coloring every microportion of skin that was not able to cover with the second passage, Rjan has faded the stretch made with the pencil using a small flat brush, taking care to always proceed upwards and outwards in order to soften and harmonize the line with the shape of the eye.


Cold is the best dark circle's friend

The dark circles around the eyes make the eyes look tired and tired, and finding a remedy to eliminate them is not easy.

"The dark circles are a widespread imperfection and are caused by constitutional problems related to the peripheral microcirculation and pigment accumulations. This annoying imperfection can increase with age, with tiredness, with stress, "explains Professor Leonardo Celleno, dermatologist and president AIDECO, Italian Association of Dermatology and Cosmetology. "Often the vasodilatation (caused by the heat) worsens the situation. This is why vasoconstriction caused by the cold can have a beneficial effect that will however be limited in time. The application, in the morning and in the evening, of a specific cosmetic for the "cooled" eyebrows (ie kept in the refrigerator before use) can perform a light activity in this direction".

To postpone the visit to the ophthalmologist it’s forbidden

Even when one sees well and there are no particular problems in adulthood, a visit to the ophthalmologist must always be done. "The incidence of ocular diseases increases considerably after the age of 50, and only the careful examination of the eye doctor can verify that there are no problems", explains Giulio Maria Modorati, ophthalmologist in charge of the Centro Occhio Secco dell San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and the Uveiti Center in Milan.

"At this age, in fact, there may be eye disorders that do not give symptoms, such as glaucoma. It is a pathology that, if neglected, can damage the optic nerve, responsible for transmitting visual information from the retina to the brain, leading to the most severe cases to blindness. Its onset is linked to an accumulation of fluid present inside the eye (called aqueous humor) which increases the pressure. The specialized doctor identifies it by measuring the pressure, examining the ocular fundus and checking the field of vision ".

Moreover, during this period of life the frequency of other ocular pathologies such as age-related macular degeneration, cataract problems, intraocular disorders such as melanoma, asymptomatic lesions that can lead to decreased vision, increases. Furthermore, the increasing spread of diabetes associated with serious eye complications should be reported.

Wellness experiences in Brianza

An oasis of well-being, immersed in the bucolic green of the Brianza hills. Monticello SPA was born as a SPA in 2006 and today is renewed, confirming itself as an exclusive place to alleviate the accumulated mental and physical stress, regenerate the body and purify / revitalize the mind, offering unforgettable feelings of pleasure, pampering and relaxation.

The novelties mainly concern the 6 emotional rooms, each dedicated to a specific experience of body well-being.

The Soap Experience a room with a constant temperature of 40 ° and humidity of 50%, for a softly frothy and delicately perfumed purification ritual ... with which to dissolve tensions and indulge in relaxation.

The Hammam embellished with elegant mosaics, wide arches and soft lighting, to which a healthy combination of steam and warmth give an evocative magical moment.

The Tepidarium that takes inspiration from the ancient Roman baths, a room marked by the depletion of the organism, with an immensely pleasant temperature and suffused aromas.

The Salt Room is always inspired by the Roman era, a hall covered with salt panels that release amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties into the environment, a respiratory panacea.

The Room of Nature is a luxuriant intertwining of real and artificial plants, to transmit to mind and body the ancestral harmony of the forests with the re-enactment of woody sounds.

The Room of Fire a room where the large water fireplace in the center, the predominant red color of the images, the crackling sound of the fire and the widespread heat envelop and return to the atmosphere of an intimate mountain chalet.

The center is equipped with Criocamera, the regenerating cold cure at less 130 °.
An archaic remedy used by the ancient Egyptians, which is now being revived thanks to the new and sophisticated technologies, which allow a maximum safety cryotherapy treatment.

Image, charm and mystery

IDOLS The power of image
Venice, Palazzo Loredan
Until 21 January 2019

An incredible and unmissable exhibition itinerary, fascinating and educational that also allows you to better understand the art world. The exhibition Idols The Power of Image is promoted by the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation and offers a journey through time through 100 oriental and western artifacts representing the human body of 4000-2000 BC. Some elements are rare and of great historical-scientific value. "The beginnings of the anthropomorphic figurative culture, the founding myths of humanity, the representation of power, be it of fertilization, divine or heroic: in this exhibition it is possible to find all this. A unique and unrepeatable journey that leads us to the origins of the depictions of the human body: from the first still ambiguous images and the dubious interpretation, in the Neolithic age, to their evolution in the Bronze Age ", explains Inti Ligabue, president of the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation . "A path that, crossing mountains, overcoming steppes and deserts, crossing seas and oceans, reveals transversal connections, commonalities of feeling and contacts in very distant territories".

In the collection there is an iconic work, which scholars know well and to which our name has been attributed: the so-called Venus Ligabue. A Battrian statuette of the 3rd millennium BC purchased by my father in the early seventies and became famous thanks to the very important studies he conducted in an area of the Turkestan Afghan, which today we identify as Bactria: the ancient name of a place and a civilization that he, among the first, illustrated in a volume ("Battriana" - Erizzo 1988) which is still a milestone in this field ". Adds Inti Ligabue.

Venus Ligabue, Eastern Iran, Central Asia, Oxus Civilization (2200-1800 BC), Chlorite, Limestone, Alt. 11 cm, width 13.2 cm. Ligabue Collection, Venice

The Pink Month of Prevention and the artistic eye of a warrior

"The photo shows an image of an eye of a samurai warrior. An eye in love with life, with light, which he needs to reassure his insecure steps in the dark. A tear flows from his iris, breaking into a thousand lines on his cheek ... A new battle is on its way, it's ready ... and fights !!!
The warrior is me, after an intervention immediately last July for metastases and partially sighted, I'm about to prepare for the therapy, whose side effects are not light.
The eye was rigged by the bodypainter Alajde Spernanzoni and the photograph is by Andrea Pulito.
With Monica and Fede we are the Guerriere Sciences Arts & Events, a group we created with the plastic surgeon Marco Iera. Our goal is to convey a precise message: pain, through events, scientific information and art can be channeled into a project, in a challenge capable of giving the right energy to survive, to live with the ugly evil that grips us .
Even the disease left marks on the body, we tattooed and exhibited to show that these difficulties can be overcome.
On September 29th we participated in the Regata del Conero in Ancona, the event to raise awareness on prevention and the fight against breast cancer, "says Eva Schioppa, one of the founders of Le Guerriere Sciences Arts & Events.
The Conero initiative anticipated the October Month of Rose, which has become an annual event to raise awareness on the importance of prevention and the raising of funds for research. And fundraising initiatives are multiplying.


Like the Brest Cancer Campaign of The Estée Lauder Companies, conceived by Evelyn H. Lauder along with the iconic Pink Ribbon, has been combining and inspiring people around the world for over 25 years with the aim of defeating this disease. "At our side we will find AIRC, which represents for us the excellence in Italy in research and attention to the sick, that we will continue to support with the aim of winning and giving all women a world free from breast cancer. The same purpose that Evelyn H. Lauder set out when, in 1992, he conceived the pink ribbon, today it has become the universal symbol of this struggle", says Edoardo Bernardi, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of The Estée Lauder Companies Italia.

By Francesca Marotta

Mona Lisa's no limits gaze

Hieratic, touched, dramatic ... but also, one might say, imploring, enigmatic, tragic, ironic ... Monna Lisa's gaze has always expressed what we all wanted and, if necessary, desired, destined to the use of any form of creativity ...

It is surely a look that, in capturing countless other glances, has projected itself beyond every imaginable limit. And the Louvre, which is its legitimate guardian, has always done everything to enhance its intensity and fame ... An expressive intensity, it must be said, that the subtle brush stroke of a genius, Leonardo da Vinci, he has realistically rendered in every minimal its anatomical part.

And, of course, the technique of oil has made the transparencies of an eye that can formally be renaissance and whose gaze harmoniously merges with the passage, also "beyond all limits" in its extension, even more fluid. Today we discuss whether it is appropriate to restore the Gioconda ... I believe that no one will ever remove that age-old patina of dirt, which in any case is there to strengthen the mystery, because nobody has ever dared to take something from the famous lady. If anything, it has always been intended to add "matter", so that this look can continue to talk to us endless times.
By Feliciano Marotta, art teacher

Pharmaceutical art since 1730

Salò, a charming town on Garda Lake, in the past was an important center of cultural and musical reference. Glorious capital of the Magnificent Homeland of Riviera, gave birth to the violin maker Gasparo Bertolotti da Salò (1540-1609), which is credited with the invention of the violin.
This charming town is home to the de Paoli's Pharmacy that in 1730, the year of its birth, was awarded by the inspectors of the Magnifica Patria by a prestigious and coveted license that authorized the exercise of "Speziale”.
Since its inception, the Pharmacy de Paoli has distinguished itself from the quality of raw materials and the accuracy of pharmaceutical preparations.
Building on a consolidated experience for more than two centuries, the de Paoli Ambrosi family founded in 1922 the General Topics - Worldwide Healthcare Product, a dermo-aesthetic company that bases its production exclusively in Italy, and has protected its heritage scientific and intellectual depositing over 30 international patents in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and engineering fields.

The infinite flights of the heart

"Through the love that has not been able to live, the immortal Romeo makes each of us experience a dream of endless love", explains Silvana Casoli. So to express the temperament of what the creator considers "a hero of our times, authentic and passionate, who consumes life at full speed, without compromise or moderation" has included in the formula of the fragrance Romeo by Il Profvmo of the Trilogia shakesperiana collection the herbaceous and Mediterranean notes of rosemary, which they immediately manifest themselves, immediately transmitting freshness and energy.
Immediately afterwards, the notes of Virginia's blond tobacco, capable of evoking the smell of a cigar that is consumed, are perceived, decided and enveloping.
The emotions, however, do not subside, and the bottom reveals the green aroma of galbanum, perennial herbaceous plant native to the desert regions, which gives this composition an extremely sophisticated and elegant character.

As for the previous chapters of this olfactory collection, also for Romeo there is a special edition of blue Murano glass conceived by Didier Guillon and realized by the Master Vetraio Leonardo Cimolin. An exclusive creation made in a few pieces to collect, and proposed in an exclusive box that also contains the fragrance. 

Supporting art improves the world

There is a rose that blooms every year on June 21st in Milan, the day of the summer solstice, with a special prize. It is called Rosa di Brera and it is assigned to those who stood out in particular for the support of the Pinacoteca di Brera's projects.

Now in its second edition, the award goes to Rena De Sisto, Bank of America Merrill Lynch's global executive for Arts & Culture and Women's programs. "People make the difference, and when the right person is in the right position, the world can change for the better," says James Bradburne, the brilliant director of the Pinacoteca di Brera in the award's motivation. "In the last decade Rena De Sisto was responsible for the creation of the visionary art conservation project of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which involved, among other things, the restoration of Napoleon's sculpture in the courtyard of Brera, the restyling of Pinacoteca's laboratory and the restoration of the monumental canvas by Tiepolo".

The prize gave to Rena De Sisto consists of an enchanting gold and pink enamel pin decorated with a 1.13 cm rubellite surrounded by a corolla of diamonds created by Giampiero Bodino. The master and artist of fine jewelry has created this wonder inspired by the Rosa di Brera, a variety created especially for Brera da Barni, a Tuscan nursery specializing in roses. Since last year the Rose of Brera is also cultivated in the Botanical Garden of Brera.

Op-Art visions and illusions on Valverde water

To make its water increasingly protagonist of the tables of the best restaurants in the Bel Paese and the world, periodically Valverde involves students of the main design schools in their creative projects. This year he has chosen to work with Polimoda, an Italian fashion school based in Florence that delves into the themes of language, aesthetics, content and research.

This is how Valverde Black & White was born, the new line of bottles resulting from Giulia Vischi's creative project Geometric Elegance. In order to realize them, the student was inspired by the works of Franco Grignani, Italian painter and graphic designer, a leading exponent of Op Art, the artistic current that plays and has fun with optical illusions and visual distortions.

The new Valverde Black & White bottles are covered by different graphisms that indicate the type of water they receive inside: linear strokes for the natural one, moved for the slightly sparkling version, and swirling for the sparkling type.

The fixed residue of 38.2 mg \ l allows Valverde water, which flows from the rocks in Valsesia to the slopes of Monte Rosa, the name of "minimally mineralized." Not only that, but its very low sodium content that settles on 3.5 mg \ l makes it ideal for those suffering from hypertension and to counteract water retention, while the moderately low pH (degree of acidity) (6.6) makes it the best ally at the table for those with digestive problems.

A quality Italian water, unique in its kind, that is already distinguished (and remembered) not only for the taste that refreshes the palate, but also for its iconic bottle of clear and transparent glass. Designed by Matteo Thun & Partners, in fact, it is also a design object for its essential and elegant style, with the the precious metallic and colored label in shades of turquoise, fuchsia and acid green.

Visioni e illusioni Op-Art sull’acqua Valverde

Per rendere la propria acqua sempre più protagonista delle tavole dei migliori ristoranti del Bel Paese e del mondo, periodicamente Valverde coinvolge nei propri progetti creativi anche gli studenti delle principali scuole di design. Quest’anno ha scelto di lavorare con Polimoda, scuola italiana di moda con sede a Firenze che approfondisce i temi del linguaggio, dell’estetica, dei contenuti e della ricerca.

E’ nata così Valverde Black & White, la nuova linea di bottiglie frutto del progetto creativo Geometric Elegance di Giulia Vischi. Per realizzarle la studentessa si è ispirata alle opere di Franco Grignani, pittore e grafico italiano esponente di spicco della Op Art, la corrente artistica che gioca e si diverte con le illusioni ottiche e le distorsioni visive.

Le nuove bottiglie Valverde Black & White sono percorse da grafismi differenti che indicano il tipo di acqua che accolgono al loro interno: tratti lineari per quella naturale, mossi per la versione leggermente frizzante, e vorticosi per il tipo frizzante.

Il residuo fisso di 38,2 mg\l permette all’acqua Valverde, che sgorga dalle rocce in Valsesia alle pendici del Monte Rosa, la denominazione di "minimamente mineralizzata”. Non solo, ma il suo bassissimo contenuto di sodio che si assesta sui 3,5 mg\l la rende ideale per chi soffre di ipertensione e per contrastare la ritenzione idrica, mentre il pH (grado di acidità) moderatamente basso (6,6) ne fa il miglior alleato a tavola di chi ha problemi digestivi.

Un’acqua italiana di qualità, unica nel suo genere, insomma, che già si distingue (e si ricorda) non solo per il gusto che rinfresca il palato, ma anche per la sua iconica bottiglia di vetro chiaro e trasparente. Ideata da Matteo Thun & Partners, infatti, è anche un oggetto di design per il suo stile essenziale ed elegante, con la preziosa etichetta metallizzata e colorata nei toni del turchese, fucsia e verde acido.

The three lives of Infini

A cocktail of fruity aromas of orange and pear introduce a heart of Siam benzoin and sandalwood from Mysore, set on a base of sandalwood and jasmine: these are the essence of the new version of Caron's Infini fragrance.

Created for the first time in 1912 by master perfumer Ernest Daltroff and reformulated in 1970 by Gerard Lefortis, today it is reinvented by the nose William Fraysse who had to deal with a problem: the original formula is no longer found.

Fruit of precious raw materials and noble agreements, the new version is decidedly fresh and greedy, mischievous and vigorous, and does not disappoint compared to previous editions because it re-proposes the sense of independence of the bold and courageous women who chose it at the beginning and in the second half of the last century, periods of great changes and women's emancipation.

A magic contained in a bottle shaped like an Art Deco inkwell, the aesthetic style that spread throughout Europe and the United States in the 1920s and 1930s.

Living with art

Segni Urbani, from 14 June 2018
Rivolta Immobiliare, Viale Carso 11 - 15th, Rome

It satisfies the sight and it is a stimulus for the imagination and the thought. Art is good for the spirit, and bringing it into the home makes the environment more welcoming. The house, in fact, represents our identity, and complete it with an artistic object further enriches it and helps to make it even more welcoming, in tune with ourselves.

The proposal to use it as a tool to enhance the home comes with the exhibition Segni Urbani wanted by Rivolta Immobiliare since 1956. The pictorial exhibition, conceived and directed by the president of the agency with his sons Marco and Luca with Francesco Francesconi, is focused on works by the artist Edelweiss Molina and wants to offer a reflection on the complementary relationship that is created between art and living space: on the one hand the work of art embellishes the space in which it is located, on the other there is the environment that "Guards" the work of art.

"I consider the innovative approach of Rivolta Immobiliare in Italy, and I am proud to be able to contribute with my works to shed light on the essential combination of art and living spaces, especially in a city of art par excellence like Rome," says Edelweiss Molina. "It is important that the role of art in our lives and in its interaction with the space in which we live is recognized."

In the eight works that will be exhibited, including two three-meter-long abstract triptychs, the artist investigates the relationship between the elements of nature and urban reality that man inhabits, with its load of desires, tensions and fears. His art finds an ideal collocation in the inhabited space, almost as if it were designed to be guarded by it.
"The city represented by Molina is full of contradictions, silent and deafening, it is a place of sudden apparitions, full of signs and color, in which images and shadow cones gather, holding hidden memories and fragments of forms already lived," comments Lidia Reghini from Pontremoli, art critic and exhibition consultant. "The paintings of Molina are the mirror of our soul: the territory of art is the privileged place to mirror oneself, rediscovering one's own identity between signs and words."

Artistic calculations

Piero della Francesca. The seduction of perspective
Civic Museum of Sansepolcro
Sansepolcro (Ar) - Until 6 January 2019

Refined and innovative painter, master of abacus, Euclidean surveyor, Archimedes scholar, Piero della Francesca is considered one of the most emblematic artists of the Italian Renaissance. Concurrently with the presentation of the restoration of his fresco Resurrezione di Cristo at the Museo Civico di Sansepolcro, an exhibition path has just been inaugurated that allows us to deepen the immense scientific culture of the artist.

The exhibition project, developed around De prospectiva pingendi (the first illustrated treatise on perspective) makes us understand how humanist painting finds its most natural basis in science. In fact, it is a collection of reproductions of drawings, perspective models, scientific instruments, videos and mathematical research that the artist himself has applied to his painting. Studies, calculations and projects left behind by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Durer, until the mid-sixteenth century.

The nomadic size

Every scent is a journey. Inside of oneself, in memories, in the present, beyond one's own boundaries... Nick Steward's project with Gallivant makes travel, and offers olfactory experiences for contemporary globetrotters, who seek emotions and uniqueness.

"My project is based on the materials, the best for origin and craftsmanship, and on the simplicity of the 30ml bottle, minimalist and elegant, pleasant to see and touch, a practical companion of contemporary, curious and demanding wanderers".

With over twenty years experience in the perfume industry, and tired of the detached and pompous attitudes of many brands, Nick Steward after being creative director of L'Artisan Parfumeur, decides to found his own collection of unisex eau de parfum. And even the choice of the mini-size is not accidental: "As anyone who travels as much as I did, always on the move between various cities, I wanted small products in a size that did not create the problems of modern airport nomads. And then I turn to those who want to play with fragrances, have fun wearing them, and who do not want to commit themselves with a single olfactory signature for life. This is the real reason why this "nomad" size works for them ".

Developed with the French perfume maker Karine Chevalier, Istanbul is an amber, woody and spicy fragrance that tells the double soul of the city of Turkey, located between Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus strait, full of mysterious charm.

Creating the magic of this place born Constantinople, which was the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, where different cultures, ancient and modern alternate in a harmonious way, must not have been an easy undertaking.

Of marble and of canvas

Christ died in the tomb and three sorrows of Andrea Mantegna, Tempera on canvas, 1470-1474, cm68x81, Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan.

Veiled Christ, Giuseppe Sanmartino, marble statue, 1753, cm180x80x50, Cappella Sansevero, Naples.

Marble is the element that unites these two absolute masterpieces. On the one hand, the plan of support on which the Christ of Mantegna is placed is a cold, sepulchral table on which the sacrifice reaches its epilogue. It is nevertheless so earthly that it does not allow us to imagine the uniqueness of the spiritual value of the Resurrection. While the warm wood of the cross has held back the blood, the sweat and the atrocious suffering of the agony almost as if it did not want to reject it to become itself a symbol, on the other the stone of the anoint welcomes and fixes the eternity of a message that passes through matter and becomes history.
But this same matter, in Sammartino's work, takes on dynamism, softness, transparency ... This time the stone becomes flesh, stripping itself of the hardness that Mantegna can describe with clarity, giving the same body of Christ a cold consistency. Paradoxically, with the brush it is possible to make the stiffness of a hard material; instead the chisel makes the fugacity of something that would soon lose shape, volume, color. And the sculptor manages it with an almost alchemical extraordinaryness.
Both examples are certainly born from the fusion between technical magic and exceptional yield of humanity and spirituality, inevitably producing perfection within an artistic language.

Di Feliciano Marotta

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Mille modi di dire nero

Written by: Francesca Marotta

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Sinonimo di autorità e di potere, ma anche di seduzione, di tenacia e di anticonformismo, il nero è stato il colore principale e l’atmosfera dominante della maggior parte degli eventi cui ho partecipato. Un protagonista assoluto anche delle cose che ho avuto il piacere di vedere e l’opportunità di toccare.

A partire dalle mostre fotografiche, di autori contemporanei e di mostri sacri del passato, da Cuneo a Milano. Poi ci sono i cosmetici per capelli, le borse imperdibili e le creazioni affascinanti di una giovane stilista, che ha scelto quello che è considerato “l’assenza del colore” come minimo comun denominatore della sua collezione.

Molti anni fa, quando ho iniziato a lavorare come giornalista, ricordo che rimasi enormemente stupita e incuriosita dalle colleghe della moda: vestivano sempre di nero. Una cromia al di sopra di tutte le altre, e perciò immune dall’essere contagiata da mode e da tendenze. Non solo, proprio per questo è considerata il massimo dell’eleganza. Fin troppo, oserei dire. All’eccesso, infatti, diventa noiosa e scontata. Da personalizzare, a parer mio, sempre con accessori interessanti, che parlino cioè di chi li indossa.

A thousand ways to say black

Synonym of authority and power, but also of seduction, of tenacity and unconventionality, black is the main color and the dominant atmosphere of most of the events I attended. An absolute protagonist even of things that I had the pleasure of seeing and the opportunity to touch. 

Starting from photo exhibitions of contemporary artists and superstars from the past, from Cuneo to Milan. Then there are cosmetics for hair, don’t waste handbags and the fascinating creations of a young designer, who has chosen what is considered the "absence of color" as the lowest common denominator of his collection. 

Many years ago, when I started working as a journalist, I remember that I was greatly surprised and intrigued by fellows fashion: always dressed in black. A colour above all others, and therefore immune from being infected by fads and by trends. Not only that, precisely for this reason it is considered the highest elegance. Too much, I dare say. Excess, in fact, becomes boring and too obvious. To customize, in my opinion, always with interesting accessories, that speak of who to the wearer.

Nero d’autore

Cesare Longhi, Riae Maleficent and the Raven’s Spell, 2014, fotografia e grafica digitale. Modella  Ria E. Mac Carthy. Vestito, trucco, corna  di Ria E. Mac Carthy

Ettone, Me and My Clothes, 2012, fotografia digitale. Modella Requiem Magnolia

Cunene, Atropos, 2012, fotografia e grafica digitale. Modella Corinna

Ho partecipato con grande curiosità all’anteprima della mostra il Cuneo Gotico a Cuneo. Innanzitutto perché ho scoperto una corrente artistica che ha sempre suscitato in me una certa indifferenza: il genere neogotico. E poi perché non conoscevo questa città piemontese, che chissà per quale motivo è sempre stata fuori dalle mie rotte. Una meta che si è rivelata una bella cittadina, ricca di storia e animata da cittadini dai modi cordiali. Insomma, un luogo che merita di essere visitato e scoperto.

La mostra collettiva Le camere Oscure fa parte del progetto triennale Il Cuneo Gotico, voluto dalla Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo, ed è curata da Enzo Biffi Gentili, Direttore del Seminario Superiore di Arti Applicate/MIAAO di Torino. E’ allestita nella Chiesa tardogotica di San Francesco, uno scenario che ho trovato particolarmente adatto a ospitare foto e installazioni che raccontano il tema delle rovine e della morte.

Il bilancio di questa visita è decisamente positivo. Sono rimasta impressionata soprattutto dalla bellezza di molte delle fotografie esposte: scatti eleganti e raffinati, che mi hanno proiettata in un’altra dimensione, onirica e anche un po’ inquietante. Insomma, piacevole, probabilmente, proprio per questi contrasti.

I attended with great curiosity to the preview of the exhibition Cuneo Gothic in Cuneo. Firstly, because I have discovered an artistic current that has always aroused in me a certain indifference: the gothic genre. And then because i didn't know this city of Piemonte, which for some reason has always been out of my routes. That turned out a beautiful little town, rich in history and animated by citizens with friendly manners. In short, a place that deserves to be visited and discovered.

The collective exhibition The Dark Room is part of the three-year project The Cuneo Gothic, organized by the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo, and is edited by Enzo Biffi Gentili, Director of the Seminar of Applied Arts / MIAAO of Turin. It is set in the late Gothic Church of San Francesco, an environment that I found particularly suitable to accommodate photos and installations that tell the theme of the ruins and death.

The outcome of this visit is very positive. I was especially impressed by the beauty of many of the photographs exhibited: elegant and refined shots, which  have projected me into another dimension, dreamlike and even a little creepy. In short, pleasant,  probably because of these contrasts.

 Nero come il caffè

Sebastiao Salgado alla Triennale di Milano e illy sustainArt Collection per Expo 2015

L’occasione per saperne di più della mia bevanda preferita me l’ha offerta illy alla Triennale di Milano. Qui, dall’11 giungo nell’ illyartlab c’è l’esposizione di un reportage fotografico nelle terre del caffè firmato Sebastião Salgado. Scatti in bianco e nero, forti e intensi, che mi hanno proiettata nelle terre della Costa Rica e di El Salvador, dove il prezioso chicco è coltivato. Grazie all’abilità del fotografo, le immagini esposte mi hanno dato la sensazione di vivere il lavoro nelle piantagioni, oltre che di apprezzare la bellezza di territori lontani e di percepire il fascino dei riti locali.

Sempre alla Triennale di Milano sono esposte le nuove tazzine artistiche illy sustainArt Collection per Expo 2015 create da quattro giovani artisti provenienti da altrettanti Paesi produttori di caffè: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Etiopia e Honduras. Il tema è “Nutrire il pianeta, energia per la vita” e si inserisce in un progetto ideato nel 2007 da illy per estendere alla comunità artistica internazionale il suo approccio a una crescita sostenibile.

E a proposito di crescita sostenibile e di rispetto per l’ambiente, illy ha presentato anche Refilly, un sistema di ricarica del suo iconico barattolo, progettato per preservare la fragranza e l’aroma del suo caffè.

The opportunity to learn more of my favorite beverage, offer to me by illy at the Milan Triennale. Here, from 11 in June illyartlab there's the exposure of a photo reportage in the land of coffee signed Sebastião Salgado. Black and white shots, strong and intense, projecting us into the lands of Costa Rica and El Salvador, where the precious grain is grown. Thanks to the skill of the photographer, the images give us the feeling of experiencing the work in plantations, as well as to appreciate the beauty of distant lands and to feel the charm of the local rites.

Always at the Milan Triennale are exposed new artistic cups illy sustainArt Collection created for Expo 2015 by four young artists from many coffee producing countries: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Ethiopia. The theme is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" and is part of a project created in 2007 by illy for to extend to the international art community his approach to sustainable growth.

And speaking of sustainable growth and respect for the environment, illy has also introduced Refilly, a charging system of its iconic jar, designed to preserve the fragrance and aroma of his coffee.

 Nero come arte da indossare

Due creazioni di Alma Gemelli

I motivi floreali che si intrecciano in contrapposizione con sezioni anatomiche del corpo umano sono i protagonisti delle creazioni di moda di Alma Gemelli. Una giovane artista diplomata all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera a Milano che ha avuto l’idea di trasformare i suoi dipinti in una linea di abbigliamento.

Nei miei disegni voglio trasmettere il mistero della vita e della morte, dell’uomo e della natura. Tutto ciò che fa parte di noi, della nostra vita. Ossa, organi vivi o morti in contrasto con un fiore, una pianta, un colore. La vita”, racconta la creatrice.

Ho visto e toccato le sue creazioni: i tessuti sono di qualità come il cotone pettinato ring-spung, il marchio è ricamato e, per rendere il tipico effetto matita del disegno, ha utilizzato la stampa su raso.

The floral motifs that are woven in contrast with anatomical sections of the human body are the protagonists of the fashion creations of Alma Gemelli. A young artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, who had the idea of transforming his paintings into a clothing line.

"In my drawings I want to convey the mystery of life and death, man and nature. Everything that is part of us, of our lives. Bones, dead or alive bodies in contrast with a flower, a plant, a color. Life", says the creator.

I have seen and touched his creations: the fabrics are of high quality such as cotton combed ring-spung, the brand is embroidered to make the typical effect of pencil drawing, used printing on satin.

Nero come la borsa con le frange

Gucci Nouveau

Le lunghe frange e il dettaglio in bambù sono le caratteristiche che balzano all’occhio della borsa Gucci Nouveau. Ma solo toccandola e indossandola se ne apprezzano altre caratteristiche interessanti, come la morbidezza della pelle e la leggerezza. E poi va indossata: è come non averla addosso e regala alla figura un movimento sinuoso e leggero come una carezza.

The long fringes and bamboo detail are the features of the Gucci bag Nouveau that catch the eye . But just by touching it and wearing it if they appreciate other interesting features, such as skin softness and lightness. And then worn it : it’s like not having him and gives the figure a sinuous movement and light as a caress.

S Spray Protettivo di Nera' Pantelleria

Nero per la bellezza

Nero e satinato è il flacone S Spray Protettivo di Nerà Pantelleria. Racchiude un’acqua leggera che protegge i capelli dall’azione di sole, vento e acqua di mare. Oltre all’olio di dattero nutriente, contiene ingredienti di cui una delle più belle isole del Mediterraneo è ricca: estratti di pietra vulcanica rimineralizzanti, ed estratto di mirto nero antiossidante. In più, regala un profumo delicatamente dolce che dura a lungo.


Black satin finish is the Protector S Spray bottle by Nerà Pantelleria. It contains a light water that protects hair from the action of the sun, wind and sea water. Besides nourishing oil, it contains ingredients which one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea is rich: extracts from volcanic stone, re-mineralizing, and black myrtle extract, rich of antioxidant. In addition, it gives a slightly sweet scent that lasts a long time.

Nero come gli pneumatici

Metaviaggio di Maurizio Galimberti

Anche gli pneumatici possono diventare piccole opere d’arte. Lo testimoniano questi scatti a mosaico firmati Maurizio Galimberti, che ha fotografato quelli a ridotto impatto ambientale Battlax SC Ecopia per Maxi Scooter di Bridgestone. Un’azienda nipponica che ha preso un impegno: produrre entro il 2050 materiale al 100% sostenibile. Sullo sfondo c’è Palazzo Margherita a Bernalda, dimora lucana di Francis Ford Coppola. Metaviaggio è una creazione che fa parte di un progetto di Bridgestone e Galimberti: cancellare dalla nostra memoria i copertoni abbandonati sui bordi delle strade, trasformandoli in piccolo elfi che giocano con la natura.

Even the tires can become small works of art. As reflected in these mosaic shots by Maurizio Galimberti, who has photographed those with a reduced environmental impact Battlax SC Ecopia for Maxi Scooter by Bridgestone. A japanese company that has made a commitment: to produce, by 2050, 100% sustainable material. In the background there’s Palazzo Margherita a Bernalda, Lucan residence of Francis Ford Coppola. Metaviaggio is a creation that is part of a project by Bridgestone and Galimberti: erase from our memory the abandoned tires on roadsides, turning them into little elves playing with nature.


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