• The art of Italian pleating The art of Italian pleating

    Long and radial, fragmented, with edges or rounded. The pleats of the pleated fabric can have an infinite number of shapes, and are obtained by following precise procedures that require specific skills and also an artistic sense.

    Marco Viviani and his wife Roberta Bacci are the masters of this art, the two souls of the historic Plissettatura Milady shop. Founded in 1964 in the historic center of Florence, this reality is the artisan excellence of Italian fashion, which transforms fine fabrics and soft leathers into small sculptures with handmade procedures.

    Masterpieces of haute couture that the designer Francesca Venuti has transformed into the distinctive trait of her creations. "(mine de rien) was born a year ago with the philosophy of the unique piece made with different fabrics, which will never have a double. And this uniqueness I can get it with the precious contribution of these artisans, who play their job with passion. I focus not only on the classic soleil, the small and soft folds that create a sort of fan that gives amplitude and movement to the skirts and blouses, but taking advantage of the precious contribution of these two artisan artists I also develop raised geometric lines and patterns, which they give three-dimensionality to the fabrics I choose ”.


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