The anti-smog beautycase

Written by: Francesca Marotta
12 September 2016
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Clean up the air from the smog in the big city is impossible. But effectively remove it from surface skin and protect it from damage caused by fine particles it's possible. Here then that among the cosmetic innovations I have identified the 5 my allies that will allow me to combat environmental pollution on my skin.

Cleaning should be deep
The moisturizing treatments are effective only if they are applied on clean skin. To effectively remove any dirt that is deposited on the surface of the face, I use two different treatments, one for the morning and the other in the evening

Just wake up I use Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse by Sarah Chapman, an oil-based cleanser almost impalpable. It contains a blend of refreshing and soothing essential oils of camphor, neroli, chamomile, jasmine and rose. This aromatic infusion penetrates deep into the pores of the skin by removing impurities perfectly without rubbing. To complete the cleaning step I use a soft cloth soaked in warm water: it's called Professional Cleansing Mitts, which instantly gives me a pleasant feeling refreshing.

For the evening, however, when I actually have more time to devote to skin care, I prefer to use technology, particularly the Clarisonic's sonic action, with its 300 micro-ultra gentle oscillations per second. Now I'm using the new format travel, Mia Fit, which fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. Thanks its very soft bristles, the deep cleansing is effective and does not cause irritation.

The morning care
The cosmetic that I used every morning for three weeks since I returned to Milan from vacation from the sea, is called The Moisturizing Lotion by la Mer. This is the new super-gel lotion that despite being very light offe all the advantages of the legendary la Crème. The strength of this product are the "Lotions Soft Capsules" that convey deep into the Miracle Broth (one of the most important discoveries in the field of cosmetics to combat skin dehydration) associated with the Lime Tea Concentrate (which protects the skin from the effects of ' pollution and environmental aggressions).
With this magic lotion actually my skin has become swollen and bright ... so I find it transformed and radiant.

By two weeks, I'm using a new cosmetic that has the consistency of a cloud: Deto2x by Valmont. The absorption of this product almost evanescent occurs only with the contact. The fresh and invigorated skin perceptions are immediate thanks to an oxygenating complex that goes directly to the mitochondria, a kind of lung of the skin cell, freeing it from pollutants which impede the proper functioning.
A few minutes away from the application, then, the skin undergoes a transformation: it becomes softer, smoother and more radiant. The credit goes to the extract of the Swiss apple stem cells present in the formula, which is able to activate the reproduction of skin cells.
But there's more: this product is "alive" because it looks like a fine foam, similar to a cream, that reforms on the product surface every day.

Every evening, I'm using a portentous treatment: Anti-Aging Cream by 3LAB: has a rich texture that is absorbed immediately and regenerates the skin deep down. In the morning, the complexion is smooth, hydrated and elastic. The secret is in the formula that also encloses sea water, rich in sodium and potassium hydrating and calcium which improves the compactness of stratum corneum cells. The skin then is smooth and bright thanks to the presence of vitamin C.

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