Save the cashmere

Written by: Francesca Marotta
25 November 2015

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Pullover, pants and dress in dark brown, and the lovely yellow cardigan with bows on the cuffs paired the dress with pleats by Parronchi Cashmere are made soft, warm and light. I touched these garments, and they are so very fine and soft that I have been conquered by them. Made and hand-finished, these garments are a small investment that is worth doing. Treated with due care, in fact, they last for years. How to do? Here are the tips of Parronchi.

1. Wash by hand, every few times you use.
2. Avoid soap, which weakens the fiber, and for cleansing sure you use a liquid detergent quality.
3. The detergent must be used in small doses: excessive amounts are harmful.
4. Wash the cashmere by hand with warm water, without rubbing. Do you leave it to soak because so you ruined the yarn.
5. For drying put the garment on a cotton towel laid on a table.
6. The iron is the enemy of cashmere because the pressure compromises the cloud effect and also the heating power. In fact, the heat produced in contact with the body is given by the air particles that remain suspended between the fluff of the fiber, which create the characteristic barrier effect. For removing creases that form after washing, using steam.
7. Between one wash and the next, it is appropriate to put clothes in the open air: so the fiber rises again and retrieve thickness.
8. After the "bath of cold air," on cashmere garments pass the classic brush for garments to pamper fiber.
9. And 'possible to prevent the formation of hateful "dots" avoiding contact with synthetics and with the fur, which unlike natural fabrics cause a damaging friction.
10. To avert the attacks of moths, put the cashmere garments in drawers washed and ironed. Moths, in fact, attack these precious fibers when they feel the smell the body.

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