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The magic touch of the skin therapists makes the skin perfect

In compliance with the new measures for the containment of Covid-19, this year we will celebrate a slightly different New Year's Eve. This doesn't mean saying goodbye to 2020 (finally) and welcoming 2021 (crossing our fingers) while neglecting our appearance. If anything, the opposite is true: seeing yourself well lights up your smile, energizes and makes you happy. Isabel Allende: "Happiness is not exuberant or boisterous, like pleasure or joy. It is silent, peaceful, sweet, it is an intimate state of satisfaction that begins with loving oneself". Properly caring for the skin, making it radiant with cosmetic treatments that improve its appearance, is part of these attentions.
Presenting yourself in order is an injection of positivity, for ourselves and for others. That says a lot about us too. It shows, in fact, that we love each other, and we want to move forward, despite everything, with an active attitude. To eliminate grayness and small imperfections of the skin of the face and body in a short time, the precious help comes from the treatments offered by beauty institutes.


Surgery and aesthetic medicine: 3 solutions to brighten your eyes

There is nothing like a smiling look to give a radiant look to the face. The aphorism of an anonymous person effectively explains this magic: "A smile costs less than electricity, but it gives more light!". An amplified effect when the contour skin is smooth and smooth, free from imperfections. However, when cosmetic treatments are not enough to mitigate them, help comes from plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors, beauty professionals who suggest targeted treatments for each problem.

The first thing to do: identify the expert  "To overcome all doubts and not have unpleasant surprises, the first step is to identify the competent aesthetic doctor with clinical experience, the only one able to accurately evaluate and suggest how to intervene with a soft approach area by area", emphasizes the plastic surgeon reconstructive and aesthetic Fiorella Donati. "Injections are great tools to reverse the signs of aging, prevent and mitigate them: but they must be used in the right way."

The fine lines of the side dish   "The periocular wrinkles, those" chicken feet "that frame the eyes and the vertical glabellar ones that appear between the eyebrows are treated with baby botox" explains Donati. "To obtain it, minimal amounts of active are inoculated, following the course of the skin furrows. The range of action is extensive and there is no precise map: it is created and built from time to time on personal characteristics ".

An alternative   For those who still do not want to resort to Botox, to mitigate crow's feet and small sagging Beautif-eye Fillmed is the protocol that aims to biorevitalize the periocular area with a soft peeling and micro-injections of an exclusive cocktail of vitamins, amino acids and non cross-linked hyaluronic acid creates lumps. "The release of the revitalizing substances is achieved with a patented system of microneedles that act away from the edges of the eye" underlines Francesco Marchetti, plastic surgeon specializing in plastic and aesthetic surgery. "It has a lifting effect on the upper eyelids, reduces bags and smoothes skin furrows".

The most requested intervention   For major sagging and bags you need a scalpel. "The most requested surgery in the age group between 40 and 50 is precisely blepharoplasty, because the skin of the upper eyelid yields and increases the periocular fat, making the look tired and aged" says the reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon Fiorella Donated.


Revolutionizing fashion

Definitely saying goodbye to unawareness and evanescence and also putting into play a sense of responsibility when it comes to fashion has become a dicktat. The time has come to affirm our ability to affect the future even when we buy a new suit. The tools can be found in the book The revolution starts from your wardrobe by Luisa Ciuni and Marina Spadafora, which carefully delves into everything we need to know about sustainable fashion.

Taking into account the ethical and environmental impact of a garment, or accessory, must guide every choice. Pollution, overproduction, exploitation of the labor force of the poorest countries are some of the problems generated by the fashion industry, and the road to becoming conscious consumers begins with what we own: do we really need everything? Plus, buying less and investing in lasting creations must be the new mantra. The throwaway must be abolished, so the fascination of fast fashion: who loses if we buy a pair of pants at a "bargain" price?

The two authors identify as fundamental the commitment of buyers to trigger a process that makes this world eco friendly. We are living a first step now, with the crisis linked to the Covid-19 health emergency with industry analysts decreeing the golden moment of vintage. But will we be able to maintain this lifestyle even when the crisis is over? Publisher Solferino Libri.


At the Uffizi, the Nativity told in the language of art

Reservations open today to access the Uffizi sotto l'albero and listen to the story of the birth of the Child Jesus through the images of two paintings.

Among the protagonists stands out the Adoration of the Magi by Leonardo, at the opening of the service, an oil painting on wood and tempera fat (246 × 243 cm), dated between 1481 and 1482, which places the Child who he makes a gesture of blessing, revealing his divine nature to those present as a bearer of Salvation.

«This initiative will allow children to learn to read art as if it were a wonderful fairy tale, illustrated by real paintings: the masterpieces of the museum» explains the director of the Uffizi, Eike Schmidt. «It will be not only an opportunity to link learning to fun, but also a unique opportunity to bring even those who are physically distant, to gather distant friends and relatives, combining affection and knowledge on the occasion of the most beloved holiday of the 'year».

To access the virtual tour, you must book, starting from today Monday 14 December, by writing an email to the Uffizi Galleries. The link will be provided with explanations to connect. The cost to activate a 'room' (in which a maximum of 10 children can access) is 40 euros. It will also be possible to call distant friends and relatives, or even use this space to bring together families who live in different regions or abroad: everyone will be able to listen and interact with the narrator. The meeting, lasting 30/40 minutes, will begin with the choice of two paintings to be used for the story, selecting them from a 'Christmas list' (at www.uffizi.it/visite-speciali/uffizi- under the tree). Conversations may also be in Lis, the Italian sign language, and on request in other European languages.



Gold fragments in beauty care (and not only)

Who would not like to take a dip in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck? It could be a small gift for Christmas that would at least allow you to experience the sensation. Utopian dreams aside, a "taste" of what the comic book magnate feels is offered by cosmetics, which inserts splinters of the precious metal into skin care treatments to make it shine. Cleopatra also used it, sleeping every night with a mask to which she added a very fine golden powder. The subject of studies to verify its stimulating properties for blood and lymphatic microcirculation, which has been extolled since Ancient Rome, when it was included in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial balms, there is no doubt that the products containing it satisfy the senses. Giving a golden glow effect, provided by its reflective ability: as if by magic, and by optical effect, it cancels small shadows, reducing the visual perception of the signs of aging. Results to be expanded also with the accomplices of make-up, from illuminating powders to lipsticks. On the other hand, the perfumes proposed in bottles that seem to be coated with a flow of melted nuggets give a sensation of richness and luxury.


Put beauty in Christmas gifts

Boxes with everything you need for flawless make-up, or filled with mini sizes of skin and hair care treatments that restore brightness and vitality or, again, containing fragrances or perfumed shower gels. And then, new generation stylers and hairdryers that preserve the well-being of the hair. The accomplices of beauty have always been appreciated by those who receive them as a gift. Here is a small selection.

Charlotte Tilbury

Pillow Talk Dreams Come True is a box dedicated to true enthusiasts that contains everything you need for flawless make-up. 14 elements including eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, blush, lip gloss, lip pencils and gloss. From Sephora, € 370.

La Mer

The Genaissance Set contains lotion, serum and eye care from the magical and luxurious skincare collection based on a rare, sustainably grown red algae that helps increase collagen production. € 1,090.


Emotion in Gold by Didier Guillon are collectible vases decorated by the artist who plays on golden reflections to give movement to the geometric figures. The precious element in white and gold resin accompanies Prime Renewing Pack, the legendary anti-stress mask, in the new 75ml format. Limited Edition, € 830.

Aldo Coppola

In the AMO Gift Box there are products with keratin micro vegetable proteins for damaged hair Amo Rebuild: shampoo, mask and volume mousse. Instead, the modeling and disciplining treatment contains moisturizing sugars contained in the citrus extract. € 81.

Germaine de Capuccini

In the Time Is On Your Side box you can compose the customized gift kit. By purchasing an anti-aging treatment of your choice, for example, among those proposed in the photo, you get the Timexpert SRNS Detox eye contour for free. Starting from 60 €.


Ufo 2 is a new generation beauty device which, thanks to the alternation of heat, cold and sonic pulsations combined with LED light, enhances the absorption of the active ingredients contained in the face mask. Starting from 179 €.


Alighiero Boetti, shaman and showman

On Sky Arte, 16 December 2020 at 9.15 pm

His idea of art was very precise, as he declared in a 1986 interview: "the Etruscans were right to make blue leaves: painting a blue leaf is an act of invention of the world, since the green leaf already exists as such. in the realm of things and would be less interesting as a representation. "This sentence summarizes his versatility, as well as the playful and existential sense of his production.
Anyone who has missed the exhibition that Galleria Tornabuoni in Milan has dedicated to the story of the 23 years that Salman Ali spent not only as an assistant but as a member of the family alongside one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century, absolutely must not miss an unmissable appointment that Sky Arte will broadcast in Museovisione on 16 December 2020 on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the birth of Alighiero Boetti.


Oliviero Toscani, the online shop of the "bad" of photography

To find out something about a master of contemporary photography, today there is the Oliviero Toscani Bazaar online shop; 100 photographs each in 4 formats and declined in as many price ranges. A unique opportunity to explore the world of the provocative and irreverent Italian creative, author of many advertising campaigns that have mixed current events and commercial communication.

An unmistakable touch

His photos have always been discussed. San Francesco, the latest in a long series created for Benetton commercials, is from 2019 and portrays a group of young people without veils is an anthem against civil wars, mafias, urban violence, ethnic conflicts, against fault wars and religion, against terrorism and against all resurgent racisms.

The collaboration with Andy Warhol

The author has also made a lot of talk about himself for the portraits of characters who have gone down in history. For example, in 1975 he managed to persuade his friend and Pop Art exponent to pose for a fashion shoot in his studio in Canargie Hall in New York, persuading Andy Warhol to wear clothes he would not choose. When, years later, he came to Italy, he told Toscani that people on the street recognized him because they had seen him in "Vogue".

The 5 jobs of the photographer

Oliviero Toscani's photographs always send a message, and have such an irresistible appeal for his particular approach. “More and more advanced mobile phones allow anyone the opportunity to take incredible shots. But this is not enough to create something memorable and leave its mark. The photographer must combine at least five different professions: he must be author, screenwriter, set designer, director, director of photography and also cameramen, or whoever shoots, but only after having been everything else. If he succeeds, he will be ready for Formula 1, otherwise in life he will only be a chauffeur" said in an interview with corriere.it.



Waiting for Christmas with the Beauty Advent Calendar

Beauty Advent Calendars are small and large colored boxes that contain 12 to 24 items for skincare and make-up in a mini or normal version. To discover, and to try, every day from December 1st until Christmas. To treat yourself to moments of creativity and lightheartedness. Not only. They are the most fun way to try something new.

In this photo 2020 the Advent Calendar by Maité Franchi for Kiehl's. The illustrator specializing in graphic design dresses with joy the box that contains 23 cosmetics that combine the best of nature and science for face, body and hair. 


Stop violence against women

In Lombardy, a boom in family violence during the lockdown is denounced by Elisabetta Aldrovandi, president of the National Victims Support Observatory. «Calls to the Anti Violence and Stalking Number 1522, free and active 24 hours a day, also via chat, in the period between March and June 2020 more than doubled compared to the same period of the previous year (+ 119.6%) , going from 6,956 to 15,280». Since 2000. on the initiative of the United Nations, November 25 has become the day dedicated to raising awareness on violence against women. A global and underground phenomenon that has the dimensions of a terrible pandemic: according to the UN (United Nations Organization) 1.2 billion women in the world have suffered from it.
Furthermore, according to data released by WHO last April, home confinement has favored all types of abuse, which have tripled compared to the same period in 2019.
Abuses that reflect stifled paths of equality and denied rights. Fighting them represents one of the fundamental and most difficult challenges of the twenty-first century
«We are preparing to face months in which psychological distress, anxiety and repressed anger could lead to violent actions, especially in the home: closeness and psychological assistance will be fundamental» adds Aldrovandi.


Dante Alighieri. A tree that bears fruit, not a chasm that swallows

700 years have passed since Dante Alighieri's death, yet the lines of his allegorical-didactic poem written in chained triplets and hendecasyllables continue to be read, studied, interpreted. Not only. And Gustave Doré, visonary and eclectic artist of the nineteenth century considered the greatest interpreter of the Middle Ages, with his 135 tables of the Divine Comedy, now kept by the Alinari Foundation in Florence, gave a very evocative and compelling interpretation of the imaginary journey undertaken by the narrator , allowing to "see" with the eyes of the narrator the three otherworldly realms that led him to the vision of the Trinity.
The latter, which will also be digitalised, are the focus of the exhibition dedicated to the father of the Italian language "Dante, the eternal poet" scheduled from 14 September 2021 to 10 January 2022 in the spaces of the Monumental Complex of Santa Croce in Florence.
It is a very articulated project-event with an interactive path that develops between static images and virtual reality that promises a real immersion in the world and in the thought of the Supreme Poet. Felice Limosani, digital story teller, is the creator who was inspired by a phrase by Alighieri who defined himself: "A tree that bears fruit and not a chasm that swallows". There will therefore be no "explanations" of his works but a "story" of his universal language starting with the cultural, moral and spiritual legacy. «His boundless legacy does not remain immobile but has the extraordinary ability to renew itself and speak to us every time in a different way. Dante's wonder is that it always remains current: century after century his huge and multifaceted work. Starting from the Divine Comedy, in fact, he always has new levels of reading and knowledge» commented Tommaso Sacchi, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Florence.

But there is more. The project has another objective: to create a large exhibition with contents that can also be used as digital teaching in schools, to also be included in scientific programming for the benefit of social activities and hospital care.
«The digital revolution not only opens up to new expressive visions with new languages, but is changing the way in which culture is represented, enjoyed and disseminated» underlines Felice Limosani. The combination of technology and art offers an innovative synthesis, a digital humanities, in short, which offers greater benefits than those obtainable than the sum of both. In this dimension, the historical and cultural heritage is made current and shared as a multidisciplinary experience that expands into the museum, educational and social spheres, to the point of combining culture, education and solidarity. With this rigorous approach, culture spreads. «In this regard, collaborations have already been started for the planning of a technical-scientific work that in various ways involves educators, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, sociologists, neuroscientists and experts from the Community of San Patrignano, from the Foundation of the Meyer Pediatric Hospital of Florence to the Dino Compagni Institute of Florence and of the San Niccolò Conservatory of Prato».
«Recent published studies have shown that cyber therapies and simulated multisensory realities have a positive impact on reintegration, social rehabilitation and treatment programs» concludes Beatrice Garagnani Ferragamo, Honorary President of the Scientific Committee.


Photo 1: on the left the original engraving Paradiso Canto 31 1-3 by Gustave Doré, on the right the digital elaboration by Felice Limosani.
Photo 2: Santa Croce in Florence.


Eyeshadow palettes and the art of color

Enclosed in decorated and captivating cases, increasingly thin and compact, the bright and opaque, light and dark, finely metallic or glitter shades of the new eyeshadows are an invitation to experimentation. With color selections well thought out to harmonize with each other, the palettes represent a practical way to try your hand, without limitations, in the fascinating art of color. They are the new desire objects. 

Preliminary stages
To ensure an impeccable and long-lasting result, before starting it is always advisable to equip yourself and keep some elements on hand that simplify application and improve yield. Here are the steps to follow by Giada Venturotti makeup artist QSTUDIO MAKEUP-RP.
• Tapping a specific primer is always helpful: they are more transparent and smoothing than those designed for the face, they fix and prolong the duration of the result and avoid unsightly thickening in the eyelid folds.
• In case of dark circles and imperfections, it is always advisable to use a concealer: it not only allows you to keep the nuance in place, but also acts as a shield between the skin and the eyeball: the pigments contained in the eye shadows tend to migrate due to the blinking of the eyelids and , therefore, to move, consequently, towards the inside of the eye causing discomfort.
• The brush is the tool to invest in to achieve a homogeneous distribution. It must have dense, short and soft bristles, with a rounded tip: once the product has been picked up, the ideal movement mimics that of a wiper, moving gently and quickly from one corner to another. Two are needed: one to color, the other to create the points of light on the inner corners of the eye and under the browbone.

The combinations that work
The shades on the market today are formulated to adapt to every type of complexion, a feature that should simplify the game with multicolor palettes. In reality, guessing the right combinations can be a challenge, because when the choice is too large it can get confusing. To identify them, here are the combinations proposed by Giada Venturotti makeup artist QSTUDIO MAKEUP-RP:
- The range of nudes, from evanescent beige to warm terracotta and chocolate, give everyone and represent the basic of make-up, perfect from morning to evening;
- pink with gold, bronze with gray and green with copper are duets that may seem excessive, but in reality they are also suitable for the day;
- for a perfect rainbow make-up, there is a small scheme to follow: light colors, such as yellow or baby pink, are applied to the inner corner of the eye; on the central part of the eyelid yes to intermediate tones such as lilac and green; finally, blue, indigo and purple are used to define the external part.

Shadows and lights
“Mat, galaxy, metal… when it comes to lights and shadows in eye make-up it's easy to get confused. To understand what Michele Magnani is using, Global Senior Artist MAC Cosmetics suggests a simple scheme:
- the shimmer, metallic, holographic effects are given by glitter: metallic micro-fragments, one-color or polychromatic: they give a “wow” result because they capture the light and reflect it in a clear and decisive way;
- the satin finish, on the other hand, is obtained thanks to iridescent micro-pearls that give a discreet, elegant and sophisticated brightness that gives three-dimensionality and depth,
- mat, finally, defines opaque colors based on pure pigments and are devoid of reflective elements. 

Stop the hassles
"Those with sensitive eyes, to avoid redness, irritation and itching, must give up sparkling and shimmering eye shadows because they accentuate these discomforts" explains optician Paolo Revolfato of Eurottica Milano. “Often those who come to check their eyesight complain of problems such as small burns and dehydration due to these types of products. A transparent gel-powder eyeshadow, formulated to stay in place and to be spread over the entire eyelid, on the other hand, proves to be a valid help in not giving up these effects on special occasions, because it prevents the luminous particles from migrating into the eye " .

Final touches
After tracing the contours with eyeliner or pencil, to refine and refine the result it is always advisable to blend them well with the growth line of the lashes, using a small brush with short, soft but firm bristles.
It ends with mascara, an indispensable tool for restoring depth and character to the eye, and avoiding bright tones from being intrusive and creating the optical effect of "canceling" the lashes.


First steps to manage Pandemic Fatigue

The new rules to be respected, the restrictions that limit travel and the worry of contagion linked to Covid-19 generate the Pandemic fatigue, as reported by the WHO, the World Health Organization: living in uncertainty has the consequences of fatigue, apathy and demotivation.
Coping with the situation we are experiencing is complicated. Finding balance and clarity can help to rationalize the situation.
An approach in this direction is proposed by two counseilors who organize In Stabilità in Milan '. A cycle of 3 meetings, starting from November 15, 2021, which represent steps on a journey to recognize one's emotions, face them, discover the aspects that limit and consider the positive ones.

 With a Degree in Communication and a Psychosynthetic Professional Counselor Diploma, Barbara Dall’Argine is one of the two creators of the courses. He tells us how they are organized and what the purposes are.

"Starting to look from another perspective, with greater distance and neutrality, is important in order to observe situations with a critical sense. Seeing more closely what "lives" inside everyone is the first step to activate the necessary resources to live with what happens outside. It is important to maintain stability while we are involved in a continuous flow of sudden changes. Observing, welcoming and transforming will be the central point of the first appointment. Learning to collaborate with what exists, and starting to discern what is needed from what is no longer functional is the central point of the next ".

What are the objectives?
"The intent is to allow those who want to find balance to acquire the tools, useful and effective. By putting oneself at the center, one can draw on one's potential and resources to face HERE and NOW what conditions or destabilizes him ".

Do you have any other appointments scheduled?
"From November 14, the cycle of 6 sessions entitled" The power of intention "begins. They will have a fortnightly frequency and will end on February 6, 2021. We intend to deepen the main points of the "Law of Attraction": what surrounds us is made up of energy that exerts great power, and we will provide the tools to understand and master it ".


Nutella Bisquit don't call them just cookies

A billion biscuits sold in Italy after only one year from its creation. A milestone that allows Nutella Bisquit, a product so exquisite that it can be compared to a pastry, to get on the podium of the best-selling sweets in Italy in this segment. A milestone that Ferrero celebrates with the approval of the investment for the construction of a new production line, as technologically advanced as the first, again in the Italian plant in Balvano. But the company does not stop at this: the structure will join the newly built one, allowing to double the production capacity, with the aim of satisfying both internal demand and reaching unexplored markets.
The planned investment, of over 80 million euros, is in addition to the amount already allocated for the first production line. This means new jobs in Italy, in Basilicata, possible thanks to the success of a delicacy that creates… addiction.
"In 2021 we will launch a new format, in tube" explains Alessandro d’Este, President and CEO of Ferrero Commerciale Italia. "A practical package to keep in your bag or backpack to enjoy this product anywhere".


October 29 is the world day against stroke

A serious, disabling disease that affects 15 million people worldwide every year and represents, according to some estimates, the third cause of death, the first being disability and the second being dementia. To raise awareness on this issue, the World Day against Cerebral Stroke is celebrated on 29 October, which this year is dedicated to the curability of this pathology, focusing not only on rehabilitation but also on prevention starting with corrected lifestyles to the early recognition of symptoms, to the need for equal opportunities in access to care. It is precisely on this latter aspect that the attention of the medical community is focused: the effect of Covid-19 on cardiovascular diseases has led to a drastic drop in hospital admissions for fear of contagion. Professor Francesco Setacci, Director of the Complex Unit of Vascular Surgery of the IRCCS Multimedica of Sesto San Giovanni and vascular surgeon at the Juneco Milan City Life and East Rome clinic for aesthetic medicine and surgery explains this phenomenon.

"Among the effects of the Coronavirus health emergency, there have been fewer hospital visits related to this disease in Italy and in the world. There is talk of a 50% decrease in accesses for cardiovascular diseases (Source Poliambulanza di Brescia), while the data of the San Donato Group recorded a 60% decrease due to heart attack. These data do not mean that there is a reduction in the incidence of the disease, but rather a worrying consequence of the fear of contagion, with negative implications related to people's survival".

According to the data of the Heart Project of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità published by Siia (Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension) stroke counts in Italy about 200,000 cases every year, of which 80% are new episodes and 20% relapses. which concern subjects previously affected. The incidence of this disease progressively increases with age, reaching its maximum value in the over eighty-five year olds. These are not reassuring data, and the phenomenon is constantly growing due to the aging of the population. What are the recommendations?

"It is vitally important not to underestimate the symptoms, those that, before the health emergency, made people rush to the emergency room, even at the risk of overcrowding. Ailments do not go away by themselves. It is important that people at risk know that outpatient activities are guaranteed, so currently diagnoses are made promptly. Surgical interventions with imminent risk of life are currently guaranteed”.

How to recognize a stroke?

"It is necessary to take action when sensory-motor deficits arise in one hemisome (face, upper and lower limbs on one side only), speech disorders, visual difficulties such as diplopia (see double). The first evaluation to understand the severity of the narrowing (stenosis) of the carotid artery is performed in a medical facility using an Echocolordoppler, a tool that allows a precise and reliable diagnosis. The very important rehabilitation phase should already be from hospitalization, and then continue in hospital facilities following controlled paths. For this reason, at the first warning, which must never be neglected, it is essential to act promptly by going to hospital without fear and hesitation”.


Sustainability is already in Prada's clothes

The themes of the digital edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020, broadcast on TV on Sky, were rebirth and solidarity in the context of environmental and social justice, starting from Italy. "Made in Italy is an example for the world," said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte who spoke at the event. And it is the great Italian brands that set a good example. In fact, Prada also participated in the initiative, proposing its new vision of sustainable fashion. The very young actress Matilda De Angelis wore a custom-made dress from the maison made with ecological materials according to the criteria of Eco Age, the company promoting the event together with the Camera Nazionale della Moda, which works alongside the brands of the fashion system to define an eco-sustainable path that can benefit people and the planet.

The dress worn by the actress is part of the Re-Nylon clothing, footwear and accessories collection that encompasses the brand's new course starting from the material used. It is just the brand's iconic yarn, nylon which, thanks to scientific research, has become eco-sustainable and regenerated. It is called Econyl and is recovered from plastic materials recovered in the oceans, in landfills or derived from textile fiber waste.

This cocktail dress, with sculpted bust and voluminous skirt embellished with symmetrical couture curls, is made according to Eco Age criteria. The rigid principles to be respected, and recognized by the organization, are 10: transparency, no child exploitation, honest and fair work, community, traceability, protection of resources and the environment, recycling and reuse, minimization of pollution, management of legal and responsible, welfare of animal species.


Cultures and crops Roberto Capucci and biodiversity

Born in Italy, Food, fashion, design and ancient seeds
Zahir Countryhouse - Contrada Eloro Pizzuta, Bucachemi, Noto (SR) - until 5 November 2020

To promote agriculture 2.0, with the recovery of ancient Italian autochthonous seeds and biodiversity, the sculptural clothes by Roberto Capucci photographed by Toni Campo are the protagonists of the 17 shots that have as a background the olive trees of the Parco dell'Anima di Noto and the new generation of custodian farmers. Fascinating and evocative images that combine tradition, design and fashion, excellences that historically distinguish the tangible and intangible heritage of Italy.fashion, excellences that historically distinguish the material and immaterial heritage of Italy.

Behind this project there is the desire to turn the spotlight on the need to safeguard treasures unjustly abandoned in our country, but with enormous yet unexpressed economic potential: the ancient Italian seeds: a heritage that also allows us to protect plant and animal biodiversity, which fully embraces the key concepts of sustainable development, in the name of innovation, accessible wellbeing and environmental protection.

A need felt more than ever in this period, so much so that on 30 September Italy and other 76 countries signed Leaders 'Pledge for Nature', the first document that establishes the formal commitment to reverse the course of biodiversity loss by 2030 with concrete actions that pave the way for a Global Plan for Biodiversity.
Also on this theme, the MAMA.SEEDS Consortium has recently been established, the first Italian Start Up founded by Alessia Montani to save the memory of ancient Italian crops, with the aim of obtaining regulatory recognition of the agri-food chain of ancient Italian seeds. : cereals, fruit and vegetables, wine and aromatic herbs.

The story of the phases of the agricultural processes of the ancient native seeds (still today handed down thanks to the activity of farmers) is entrusted to the lens of Toni Campo, who with his clicks manages to give prominence and importance to each element photographed: the workers, citrus groves, olive trees, secular almond trees, carob trees and the magnificent dresses by Roberto Capucci, precious creations of pleated silk taffetas that have made the history of Italian fashion.

The exhibition, conceived to be itinerant, will touch many Italian regions, and in particular in the Mediterranean areas.

Photo credits:
Art Director Francesco Palazzolo
Stylist Mauro Crachi
Hair and make Up Antonio Musumeci and Semmy Mele


Dante Alighieri is a continuous discovery

Inclusa est flamma. Ravenna 1921: the Secentenary of Dante's death
Ravenna, Classense Library, Great Corridor - Until 10 January 2021

The last refuge of the great poet hosts the first of three exhibition stages that celebrate him on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of his death. An opportunity to browse through books, illustrations, photographs, paintings, manuscripts and art objects donated to Dante. Each of the objects, testimonies of the "official" history, will offer ideas to discover particular stories, often unknown and even surprising. 
The Secentenary of 1921, for example, was preceded by national celebrations such as the Dante festivals which brought together representatives of cities and territories then under the sovereignty of the Habsburg Empire in the town of Romagna. In 1908, on the occasion of these celebrations, the Oil Ceremony was born, in which annually Florence offers (on the second Sunday of September) the precious extract, a symbol of atonement, destined to burn in the lamp inside the tomb. Dante, it should be remembered, died in the town that celebrates him during his exile because he belonged, in about 1300, to the white Guelphs, who wanted to prevent the Pope from intervening in the political affairs of the Tuscan capital. Despite repeated attempts to bring him back to his hometown, his remains have never been moved.
This exhibition is the first appointment of the Dante exhibition project. The eyes and the mind, conceived by the Municipality of Ravenna Department of Culture, by the MAR Museum of Art of the city of Ravenna, and by the Classense Library which starts the first stage of the cycle.

Galileo Chini (1873-1956) is the author of the official manifesto, exhibited for the first time in 1921 and recently restored.


The magic and beauty in Poltu Quatu on the Costa Smeralda

Everything is therefore ready in Costa Smeralda for the coolest event of summer 2020, with a touch of mystery for a surprise effect. The right mix to conquer even the new generations of tourists looking for an unforgettable entertainment experience between music and shows accompanied by an exclusive selection of luxury cocktails and gourmet dishes, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. Daniele Pulcini, owner of the Grand Hotel and Poltu Quatu Marina, inaugurates the nightlife of the splendid resort overlooking the crystal clear sea of the La Maddalena Archipelago, with a phantasmagorical show by The Box, the award-winning griffe of international entertainment specialized in unique events, aimed at high-level customers, with memorable and artistically extraordinary productions from Manhattan to London.

It was precisely the founder and President Antonio Pulcini to discover in the 70s, together with Maria Bice Asara, the girlfriend coming from these places, who later became his wife, this corner of paradise of unparalleled and natural beauty, which transformed into the wonderful oasis of today. Poltu Quatu - which in Sardinian means hidden harbor - is a small exclusive and reserved fjord in which the Pulcini Group has made the best of its entrepreneurial skills, with an indissoluble personal and family participation, making it one of the most sought-after destinations of the international jet set.

Here the Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu stands and its wonderful terrace overlooking the harbor, which has become famous as Lìo Sardinia, which this year is transformed into THE BOX POLTU QUATU to inaugurate a great summer season by night with a Dinner Show of spectacular performances, designed in full compliance with health safety standards to overcome the epidemiological emergency.

"Today Poltu Quatu - declares Daniele Pulcini, at the helm of the real estate group that has brought the resort to its maximum development with a marina of over 300 boats and a residential architecture in typical Mediterranean construction - offers a dream vacation, ensuring the necessary attention, in a safe and secure environment. After going through such difficult moments, we invested to the maximum by adopting the most accurate anti-Covid security protocol to protect all our guests and guarantee in every respect an oasis of peace and tranquility, between nature and breathtaking landscapes."

Relax and safety therefore for the day and also for the night with unparalleled fun in a magical atmosphere: this is the entertainment format THE BOX POLTU QUATU, where the exclusive culinary experience blends into an engaging atmosphere of live fun, with international level artists and workers.

"We are proud to have signed this agreement with a leading entertainment company on an international scale and to have boosted and enhanced the territory by involving mainly Italian artists and professionals. - continues Daniele Pulcini - A formula that, in addition to ensuring quality at an international level, represents the driving force of innovation and development for all the industries linked to the Costa Smeralda and Sardinia"


Beauty according to Leonardo da Vinci

The new edition of Leonardo by Pietro C. Marani is a valuable volume for those who want to have an overview of part of the work of the Italian genius. Which continues to fascinate not only scholars and art lovers but also make-up artists from all over the world, for whom it is a precious source of inspiration to create balance and proportions of the face using makeup tools.

In fact, together with Piero della Francesca, Bernardino Luini and Sandro Botticelli, he had identified the golden section, or the divine proportion that represents the mystical key to harmony in the arts and sciences.

Published by 24 Ore Cultura last year on the occasion of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of his death,
the book collects the artist's incredible production, from the Mona Lisa to the Annunciation to the Lady with an Ermine, to the Virgin of the Rocks. Carefully it analyzes his exceptional creations and establishes a precise relationship between his paintings, characterized by an extraordinary three-dimensional force, and the sculptural art. An element that explains their success also in the contemporary world.

Francesca Marotta

Written by: Francesca Marotta
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