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Beauty according to Leonardo da Vinci

The new edition of Leonardo by Pietro C. Marani is a valuable volume for those who want to have an overview of part of the work of the Italian genius. Which continues to fascinate not only scholars and art lovers but also make-up artists from all over the world, for whom it is a precious source of inspiration to create balance and proportions of the face using makeup tools.

In fact, together with Piero della Francesca, Bernardino Luini and Sandro Botticelli, he had identified the golden section, or the divine proportion that represents the mystical key to harmony in the arts and sciences.

Published by 24 Ore Cultura last year on the occasion of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of his death,
the book collects the artist's incredible production, from the Mona Lisa to the Annunciation to the Lady with an Ermine, to the Virgin of the Rocks. Carefully it analyzes his exceptional creations and establishes a precise relationship between his paintings, characterized by an extraordinary three-dimensional force, and the sculptural art. An element that explains their success also in the contemporary world.

Tandem techniques: the novelty of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery

The demand for aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery procedures has never been as high as in recent years: according to the American Society Plastic Surgeons, the number of requests has increased by 200% compared to 2000. An astonishing figure destined to rise.

However, it does not apply to all methods. "Minimum invasiveness, short sessions, the possibility of quickly returning to social life with a face that represents the best version of themselves, without distortions. These are the requirements of the most desired treatments" says Marco Iera, a surgeon specialized in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the Istituto Clinico Brera in Milan.

In short, the Latin phrase "In medio stat virtus" is always current, the equilibrium is in the middle. And the surgeons and aesthetic doctors are responding to the growing need to see a pleasant and luminous face reflected in the mirror using methods with an imperceptible result. Because the natural aspect is the real trend.

Tandem techniques are also spreading in beauty clinics.

"In the clinic the treatments are more and more integrated, with the application of different methods during the same session, to guarantee the best result with the least trauma for the organism" underlines Marco Klinger, professor of plastic surgery at the University of studies in Milan and head of the Operative Unit of Plastic Surgery at the Humanitas Research Hospital in Rozzano (MI). "Thus, for example, during a cervical minilifting, lipofilling is performed to reconstruct the volumes of the face or improve the shape of the lips. It is the transplantation of adipose tissue taken from the same person, purified and re-injected with large needles. This tool is important because thanks to its large diameter it does not damage the fat cells that carry a precious regenerating stimulus. The implanted fat is not reabsorbed but remains in place ”.

For example, the laser & radiofrequency synergy works to remodel double chin and major sagging of the neck tissues. "Together, they exert a sort of stretching that brings together the collagen fibers," says Steven Paul Nisticò, Director of the School of Specialization in Dermatology, Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro and Coordinator of the Laser Master in Dermatology University of Rome Tor Vergata.

"To give a regenerating lash to the face, the fractional CO2 laser is associated with PRP injections," explains Nisticò. This involves taking a small dose of blood from the person, and injecting the platelet-rich plasma, previously separated from the red blood cells, onto the treated areas, creating a sort of mesh that recalls cutaneous healing cells, releases growth factors and stimulates the fibroblasts to activate the production and creation of new collagen. In short, it is a re-education for the epidermis, which is induced to produce by itself what is necessary to preserve tone and elasticity.

Autologous fat is an alternative to laboratory preparations used for fillers. "Using a patented instrument called Lipogems, it is taken from a donor area (arms, abdomen, hips or thighs), separated from the inflamed and disintegrated component without damaging it or crushing it. In this way we obtain intact fat cells, with a densely vascularized surface, which, once implanted, give consistency and blend perfectly with the tissues. Not only: they reactivate and accelerate the natural regenerative processes "explains professor Carlo Tremolada scientific director Image Regenerative Clinic Milan. "This method is associated with injections with hyaluronic acid if it is necessary to complete the lips contour remodeling."

Black paint: real or virtual?

Milan, an early June of an undefined year. A little girl disappears after a selfie on a social network a painting that imitates a painting by Edward Munch: Puberty. Twelve years old, milky skin, blue eyes and blond hair. It is as beautiful as it is disturbing.
His mysterious disappearance involves not only separated and affluent parents, apparently taken from their lives to their daughter, but also to a handful of characters representing a picture of our contemporaneity. Among the most determined is Marina November, aching hands for rheumatoid arthritis The charming and tenacious woman, has established certain social networks, and has been convinced that the disappearance has to do with not affected by today's miscegenation.

Black Paint is the new book by Claudia Maria Bertola, published by Morellini Editor, a thriller set in the city of Milan. «Enabled me to give a voice to a story I wanted to tell, that is, that of the disappearance of Adele, the Dark Web could have taken.
My novel is a manifesto that speaks to a society that declines in the search for ever more ephemeral things and in the loss of the values ​​that count. It speaks of imperfect heroes, of battered fathers (despite the sculpted abs) of porcelain mothers, of frangible children.
Thanks to my book I had the privilege of talking about important issues, to me, through a plot which turns yellow, which leads to the reader to be afraid, to smile, to be moved. And to hope. It leaves a bitter aftertaste, which is the awareness that the monster, if it is not within us, it is around the corner. But not necessarily at a street corner ».

By Patrizia Campone

The shots like mirrors of the soul of Inge Morath

Magnum's First
Carlo Maria Martini Diocesan Museum of Milan - Until 6 October 2019

The woman portrayed is Mrs Eveleigh Nash, leading personality of the British aristocracy in the Fifties, and is one of the first shots dated 1953 of Inge Morath, the first female photographer to join the group of the prestigious Magnum Photos agency. For her, photography was a real necessity, a means that allowed her to capture the most intimate part of those who portrayed and to know herself: “Photography is essentially a personal matter: the search for an inner truth ... is a strange phenomenon ... you trust your eye, but you can't avoid exposing your soul ”.
This shot is proposed in the review that traces the black and white work of eight masters of the twentieth century (Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Werner Bischof, Erich Lessing, Marc Riboud, Jean Marquis, Ernst Haas and the same Morath) in a period between 1955 and 1956, and found by chance in a winery in Innsbruck in 2006

Divina at Milan Fashion Week

Palazzo Giureconsulti, Milan - 18 and 19 September 2019

This year's edition of Mad Mood celebrates the happy woman of her soft forms with a picture on large blockboard, painted with enamel and brushstrokes of magnet, entitled: Divina. "I love to paint the female body, enhancing femininity", says the author Luna Berlusconi. "It is the subject that more than any other inspires me. What I try to convey in my Nudes, so far the most substantial series of my production, is sensuality: with this word I don't mean the perfection proposed by advertisements and magazines, but an energy that comes from within, a security that makes any woman unique and beautiful. The forms of my Divine are a cry, which invites us to leave stereotypes behind and to seek beauty within ourselves ".

The form in chaos

Ferdinando Scianna - Journey Tale Memory
Casa dei Tre Oci, Venice - from 31 August to 2 February 2020

Ferdinando Scianna's black and white photographs always leave their mark. He was just over twenty years old when, in 1965, with Leonardo Sciascia he published the essay Feste Religiose, a volume that with texts and photos tells the materialistic essence of the processions in Sicily. Since then he has continued to express his talent and curiosity with very intense shots. They do not only tell about Sicilian traditions and culture, but talk about current events, travel, war, masters of the world of art, culture and even fashion. The latter experience started with Dolce & Gabbana and with her iconic model Marpessa. From Bagheria to the Bolivian Andes, moreover, there are endless suggestions that his magical click has captured. But it insn't all. There are the reportages (let's not forget that he is the first Italian to be part, since 1982, of the photojournalistic agency Magnum), the landscapes, his thematic obsessions like mirrors, animals. The common thread is always the same: the search for a form in the chaos of life.

Marpessa. Caltagirone, 1987

Leonardo Sciascia. Racalmuto, 1964

Processione dei misteri del venerdì Santo. Ciminna, 1964

A good opportunity to get to know more deeply Ferdinando Scianna is the anthological exhibition at Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice which offers 180 shots that retrace more than 50 years of the Sicilian photographer's. "I am a reporter. My fundamental reference is my master par excellence, Henri Cartier-Bresson, for whom the photographer must aspire to be an invisible witness, who never intervenes to change the world and the moments he reads and interprets of reality. I have always made a clear distinction between the images found and those built. I have always considered my belonging to the side of the photographers that find the images, those that tell (and tell you) like in a mirror ”.

Metaphysical experiences between light and space

Nanda Vigo. Light Project
Palazzo Reale, Milan - Until September 29th 2019

The conflict/harmony between light and space has always been the central themes of Nanda Vigo, architect and artist who collaborated with Lucio Fontana Piero Manzoni, Enrico Castellani and Gio Ponti. “The retrospective in Palazzo Reale in Milan opens the visitor's gaze to the contemporary, and offer a precious opportunity to meet the experimental languages that have characterized the artist's expressive research ", said Filippo Del Corno, Councilor for Culture of the City of Milan.
Light, transparency and immateriality are the elements that constitute the Vigo’s work and the same environment inhabited by the human being, and of which the chronotope is its artistic concretization.
The term chronotope means space-time, and in physics refers to Einstein's theory of relativity, and indicates the four-dimensional space (three spatial coordinates plus time) that highlights the link between spatial and temporal measurements.
Lights, glasses, metal structures are the elements that the artist uses to create metaphors of lightness, mutation, the spiritual immateriality of art and its perception.

Beauty, nature and Dante inspirations

The Pre-Raphaelites - Love and desire
Palazzo Reale, Milan - until 6 October 2019

From Ofelia of John Everett Millais to Shalott's Lady by John William Waterhouse: going through the halls of the exhibition that brings 80 Pre-Raphaelite works to Milan for the first time (they are part of the Tate Collection that are unlikely to come from the United Kingdom) means taking a dive total in beauty, in poetry and in the lifestyle of the movement founded in England in 1848 by 7 students who rejected social conventions (many were also poets, of lay faith, faithful to nature and the first to represent women as powerful and mysterious forces ) that joined together to free British painting from the academic models of the old masters.

Among the most iconic paintings, Roman de la Rose (1864), a small painting (34.3x34.3 cm) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) attracts attention. Inspired by the eponymous French poem of the thirteenth century, a poignant allegory of love and loss, the watercolor proposes a rich decoration, which draws on the medieval illuminated manuscripts that the artist saw, the scholars suppose, at the British Museum. This design is also the frontispiece of a book by the same artist, The Early Italian Poets, begun in 1845 when he was 17 and finished in 1861, containing translations of various lyrics. Among these, in particular, there is Vita Nova by Dante, a prosometer, or a composition in prose and verse, in which the vate ideally traces his love for Beatrice. In the supreme poet the young Pre-Raphaelite saw a founding figure of medieval and modern art.

A curiosity. Dante Gabriel Rossetti is also the author of Monna Vanna (1886), the oil on canvas which is the manifesto of the exhibition and the name is taken precisely from Vita Nova: it refers to the woman of Guido Cavalcanti, a poet friend of Dante.

Why Miriam Leone is the right choice

Actress, television presenter, winner of the 69th edition of the Miss Italia competition. For the eclectic Miriam Leone of Sicilian origins, who in an episode of Le Parole della Settimana chose Sogno ("Broadens the horizons and makes you fight in life") the important moments do not end. In fact, she becomes one of the Ambassadors of L'Oréal Paris. A right choice because it is a character of the small and the big screen that transmits positivity. Not only for the eyes, intense and lively, but also (and above all) because she is a cultured and very important woman, who sees her identity in her work.

"For me it is a great honor far part of the splendid L'Oréal Paris family. Its Ambassadors have always been a source of inspiration, for the diversity in beauty and beauty in the different ages of life. Values that this brand has always been able to pass through the charisma of the women he chose as a testimonial, it is very important for me to be able to cry out to the world" says Miriam Leone.

"Miriam embodies all the qualities of the contemporary woman. She is charismatic, talented, but also intelligent, strong and desired. She has a modern and free femininity and embodies all the contemporary values of L'Oréal Paris, always at the side of all women. Her beauty is at the same time seductive, her singular personality combined with her deep self-awareness is a perfect ambassador for our brand" says Guillaume Perrin, Brand Director L'Oréal Paris.

Italian fashion shots

Bob Krieger Imagine
Palazzo Morando, Milan - Until June 30, 2019

Artistic fashion photography has always been committed to capturing the seduction given off by a fashion item, often worn by fascinating models with great appeal. Not many people succeed in capturing the soul of a suit and its wearer in a single click. In this Bob Krieger succeeds very well. And to witness its (vast) production between the Sixties and Nineties of the last century, Palazzo Morando organized an exhibition itinerary that excites and surprises for the quantity of faces and clothes able to tell the fashion world of the time, that the author managed to capture and give us thanks to his personal approach to the camera and the protagonists of his shots: "My relationship with stylists was not one of abuse, I always looked after his talent," he said.


Photo: Valentino 1969 by Bob Krieger

Italian poster

Towards the Boom! 1950-1962
Distinguished persuasions. Advertising masterpieces from the Salce Collection
National Museum of Salce Collection, Treviso - Until April 28th 2019

Wife of the designer and architect Franco, Jeanne Grignani was a poster artist and fashion designer of Ukrainian origin who in the fifties of the last century worked for the most important Italian companies (like Borsalino, Singer and Pirelli) for which she created the most original advertising posters of the 'era. This was made for a Necchi sewing machine and is just one of the colorful posters that make up an exhibition that allows us to understand the development of the advertising language in a specific historical period. "After the war, an irrepressible enthusiasm for design spreads widespread throughout the boot," writes curator Marta Mazza. "And advertising reflects and anticipates, emphasizes, emphasizes this feeling, experiencing a moment of extraordinary effervescence. In general falling in love with America, the all-Italian case of Armando Testa stands out: inspired by a great pictorial culture, it will prove for a long time capable of unparalleled goals of synthesis and communicative efficacy ". Unforgettable is the advertising poster of the meat box placed right on a large stylized cow.

Regione Lombardia and the design’s pleasures

The Salone del Mobile 2019 is an opportunity for the Regione Lombardia to open its spaces with a series of interesting events that promote Design and emerging talents.

The presentation of the many planned initiatives took place at the Belvedere di Palazzo Lombardia, which hosts Lightrevolution until April 14th. The design that illuminates life, created by ADI, the Industrial Design Association, Lombardy delegation. The astonishing skyline offered by the 39th floor was the backdrop to the selection of products and images from the Compasso d'Oro award selection process. It will be easy to get lost in the iconographic journey that marks the transformation of customs and society precisely with the evolution of lamps and lighting systems.

As an Eclipse of Artemide. We read in the motivation that allowed the table lamp designed by Vico Magistretti to win the Compasso d'Oro that "The Commission estimates that the object presented has the double quality of a high design-aesthetic value and a possible diffusion of mass. Emphasize that, with a simple rotating screen movement, it graduates the intensity of light output ".

And then there is a magnificent element of the In Ei collection designed by Issey Miyake + Reality Lab, also by Artemide, a sort of giant origami that gives off light, an example of technological innovation and a unique shape that folds on itself becoming flat and thin.


The magic revealed

After numerous vicissitudes that saw him wandering from 1610 between Italy and France to then finally arrive at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan where today it is preserved, after four years of careful and intense work the restoration of the preparatory Carton of the School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio has come to an end. An immense, magical, revealed composition that takes your breath away. Although the work is known as the School of Athens, the correct title is The Philosophy is has great artistic and historical value.
"The preparatory carton for the Athens school is unique in the history of art. Not only is it the only Renaissance preparatory cartoon of this size, almost complete until nowadays, but it represents the culmination of the ideational process of Raphael (Urbino 1483 - Rome 1520) for one of the works symbol of the Italian Renaissance: the fresco of School of Athens in the Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican commissioned to the artist by Pope Julius II ”, declares Maurizio Michelozzi in a note, who directed and coordinated the restoration on a design by Stefano Boeri Architetti.

Female empowerment in 50 stories

In the illustrated book What would Frida Kahlo do? published by Sonzogno, the London authors Elizabeth Foley and Beth Coates propose the teachings drawn from the vicissitudes of female personalities of the past, who had the courage and determination to build their own destiny in times dominated by men. Examples of encouragement that also draw from the world of science, art and culture, of inspiration for those who have problems of assertiveness, doubt their abilities or are victims of a thousand insecurities. The actress Mae West, for example, was a sex symbol who never succumbed to the aesthetic dictates of the time, while the Latin American artist quoted in the volume's title transformed her misfortune into art: she never gave up looking after her appearance and he used clothes to feel stronger and to assert his identity. Without forgetting the Latin American artist cited in the title of the volume transformed his own misfortune into art. Not only. He promoted his own style: he never gave up looking after his appearance and used clothes to feel stronger and to assert his identity.

Dresses and perfumes, a new artistic combination

Is it possible to elevate the seductive force of a garment to the maximum power? Yes, if a fragrance is also combined with the fabric. In achieving this goal, Alessia Dettori, creator of the Made in Italy line of Tessuti Profumati, succeeded.

"Fashion and fragrances are two worlds that I see combined. My challenge is to make each of my creations live even with my eyes closed, with the fantasy that flies, savoring with pure pleasure the olfactory notes it gives off. Naturally, even the view is satisfied thanks to fluid and enveloping models that capture the eye, made with quality fabrics that, with the simple movement, reactivate and make more powerful the hypoallergenic perfumed essences of which they are impregnated ", says the designer born and grew up on the Island of Elba. The method of fixing the olfactory notes is patented, and means that with washing, the aroma does not disperse and maintains its intensity for a long time, because it remains impressed in the memory of the yarn.

Francesca Cerruti and the art of synergy and cooperation between men and women

The gender career gap, or equal gender opportunities to make a career, in the last few years finds a concrete commitment in the State to enhance and encourage female participation, guaranteeing fair possibilities of access to positions of power thanks to the so-called "pink quotas", with results that are achieved with extreme slowness and overcoming many obstacles.

The situation in the private sector is different. One of the most significant examples is the 34-year-old Francesca Cerruti, deputy general manager of ab medica, a rapidly growing company specializing in the production and distribution of advanced medical technologies and robotic surgery systems, where over 50% of employees are women!
"We are a reality that aims at excellence and we look for it in our resources, without thinking about making it a gender issue. We try to place employees in the positions where they can best express themselves, since it is then the choral work that leads us to the finish line. Therefore, following a logic of result, rather than a philosophy, ab medica has seen a substantial female representation grow even in important managerial positions. On the occasion of the recent Women's Day, for example, we decided to launch a message of synergy and cooperation, able to overcome the differences but that can exalt the reciprocal gender differences, creating a small tribute for all our employees, women and men".


In this photo, Francesca Cerruti con il padre Aldo Cerruti

The momentum towards the future on a canvas

Giacomo Balla. The Futuristic genius
Galleries of Italy, Intesa Sanpaolo Museum, Milan - Until 12 May 2019

The myth of speed, of dynamism developed with the oil colors of the Italian flag on a canvas of 257 cm x 381 cm. Being in front of this monumental work called The Futurist Genius, which is part of the Biagiotti Collection, means having the opportunity to see live a work that has sanctioned the spread throughout Europe of an artistic and ideological current that has paved the way for the avant-gardes International.
Exhibited for the first time in Paris in 1925 at the Exposition des Arts décoratifs moderne, this tapestry has a prismatic composition centered on the figure of a man with a star-shaped head, and is considered a tribute to Tommaso Marinetti, inventor of Futurism, a new concept of art, no longer understood as a mere representation, but as a concrete action on the world, which in the themes addressed translates into a hymn to modernity, to progress and embodies the optimistic and progressive vision of the beginning of the century.
The Futuristic Genius tapestry is the precise and summary representation of a brilliant process that brings the artist to the consciousness of the dynamic relationships of the universe, to represent them as pure shapes and colors, avant-garde not only of forms, but also and above all of intellectual intuitions , of dimensions that exceed the visible and give body to the invisible, as the author himself stated.

The geometries and vivid colors of Il Genio Futurista have generated sophisticated and artistic graphic elements on fine fabrics that Laura Biagiotti has proposed in the new collection for spring/summer 2019. In this image Lavinia and Laura Biagiotti, mythical and unforgettable creator soul of the brand, in front of the precious tapestry.


Milan imagined by the Genius

Leonardo & Warhol The Genius Experience
Crypt of San Sepolcro, Milan - Until June 30, 2019

A particularly engaging multimedia show, curated by Giuseppe Frangi, comes to life at the Sottofedericiana room of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. The images that chase each other on the ceilings, walls and floor guide to the discovery of Milan lived, designed and, above all, imagined by Leonardo da Vinci. To complete this experience, at the back of the venue is The Last Supper by Andy Warhol, which represents the interpretation of Leonardo's Last Supper by the father of Pop Art. The itinerary ends in the Crypt of the Church of San Sepolcro, a place where the Italian genius was very close and that in a map of the Codex Atlanticus indicated as the true center of the Lombard capital.


The art of Italian pleating

Long and radial, fragmented, with edges or rounded. The pleats of the pleated fabric can have an infinite number of shapes, and are obtained by following precise procedures that require specific skills and also an artistic sense.

Marco Viviani and his wife Roberta Bacci are the masters of this art, the two souls of the historic Plissettatura Milady shop. Founded in 1964 in the historic center of Florence, this reality is the artisan excellence of Italian fashion, which transforms fine fabrics and soft leathers into small sculptures with handmade procedures.

Masterpieces of haute couture that the designer Francesca Venuti has transformed into the distinctive trait of her creations. "(mine de rien) was born a year ago with the philosophy of the unique piece made with different fabrics, which will never have a double. And this uniqueness I can get it with the precious contribution of these artisans, who play their job with passion. I focus not only on the classic soleil, the small and soft folds that create a sort of fan that gives amplitude and movement to the skirts and blouses, but taking advantage of the precious contribution of these two artisan artists I also develop raised geometric lines and patterns, which they give three-dimensionality to the fabrics I choose ”.


Art is a fantastic adventure

From the caves of Lescaux to the pyramids of the Egyptians, passing through the Greek and Roman temples, up to Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and the Impressionists. Discovering and appreciating art also becomes fun with Artonauti, the new album of figurines that gradually reveals frescoes, paintings, sculptures that mark the development of the most fascinating discipline there is.

There are not only figurines, but scattered among the 64 pages of the collection divided into 28 illustrations and 65 works of art, there are also anecdotes, curiosities and 20 quizzes and riddles plus 2 pages of games.

And then there is the game in the game: each sachet contains 5 stickers and a Twin Card, one of the 25 pairs that, once put together, give shape to a work of art. With these the boys can have fun with the memory game, trying to recompose the couples after having mixed them with all the others.
The idea and the project of Artonauti were developed by Daniela Re, teacher, cultural mediator and expert in cognitive rehabilitation, and Marco Tatarella, for many years at the head of a publishing house that deals with art books and architecture, periodicals of music and editorial services.
Together they founded Wizart, a non-profit social enterprise, which together with Artonauti won the fourth edition of the Fondazione Cariplo Cultural Innovation.

Andy Warhol e Loredana Bertè - Un duetto leggendario

Written by: Francesca Marotta
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Andy Warhol – L’alchimista degli anni Sessanta
Villa Reale di Monza, Orangerie – Fino al 28 aprile 2019

Non tutti sanno che Andy Warhol, l’artista considerato uno dei maestri assoluti del Novecento per la sua capacità di interpretare la società contemporanea, ha lavorato con Loredana Bertè. La regina italiana del rock nel 1981 andò a New York per incidere l’album Made In Italy, e in quel periodo frequentò la Factory, il tempio creativo del maestro della Pop Art, guadagnandosi anche il soprannome di Pasta Queen per le sue doti culinarie.
Il creatore di arte seriale e l’artista italiana più anticonformista a amata che ci sia, collaborarono alla realizzazione dell’album con il videoclip Movie, diretto da Don Munroe, e la foto di copertina, un primo piano intenso della cantante catturato dall’abilità di Christopher Makos, apprendista di Man Ray e considerato il fotografo più moderno d’America.

Per vedere dal vivo questa piccola opera d’arte, l’occasione giusta è la mostra dedicata ad Andy Warhol alla Villa Reale di Monza. Un percorso espositivo che permette di ripercorrerne l’universo creativo del gigante dell’arte contemporanea attraverso le icone più riconoscibili della sua arte: da Marilyn Monroe a Jackie Kennedy, da Muhammad Alì a Mao Tse-Tung a Liza Minelli.

Viene anche analizzata la Rivoluzione sessuale, di cui Warhol fu testimone, senza dimenticare che è stato uno dei principali artefici della liberazione dei costumi. In particolare è possibile vedere da vicino le foto di Makos che ritraggono il maestro in abiti femminili e il film Women in revolt, girato a New York nel 1971 e doppiato nella versione italiana da Vladimir Luxuria.

Dal 9 maggio questa mostra si trasferirà in 3 palazzi storici pugliesi: il Castello Normanno Svevo di Mesagne, Palazzo Tanzarella a Ostuni e Palazzo Ducale di Martina Franca



Ritratto di Andy Warho, Leo Castelli Gallery, 1982, poster della mostra; courtesy Marco Rettani, Swiss Collection, e due serigrafie sul tema Camouflage

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