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The entrepreneur, the icon of style, the pride of Italian style is now also the most beautiful Italian man in the world. In fact, Mariano Di Vaio enters the 100 Most Handsome Face 2018 international ranking, which has been ranking the most attractive since 1990.

"I can not say how grateful I am for this award and all the awards I've received this year from GQ to Forbes," he said. "I consider myself a humble person with a simple life and perhaps my biggest thanks goes to all the friends who follow me on social networks, my second family, a precious gift for me!".

In ancient times the Greeks defined the ideal man kalòs kai agathòs, which means "beautiful and good". That is to say that the physical aspect and the moral values are put on the same level, two aspects that complement each other. A thought that we also find in the ideal of Aristotele: kalokagathia, that is to say that being good (courageous, polite) can not be disunited by beauty (harmonious, glorious). Let us not forget Platone, according to whom physical prestige corresponds to ethical and molal principles: "The power of good has taken refuge in the nature of beauty". Features that seem to belong to Mariano Di Vaio.

Classic contemporary

Del bello ideale
Fondazione Carriero, Milan - until 10 February 2019

A journey to the discovery of the 57-year career of a pioneer of Italian conceptual contemporary art, Giulio Paolini, who crosses harmoniously the rooms of Casa Parravicini, a historic fifteenth-century palace, one of the oldest and most fascinating in Milan.

Curated by Francesco Stocchi with the collaboration of the same author, and the interesting scenographic interventions of Margherita Palli, the exhibition succeeds in revealing the sources of inspiration and entering the fulcrum of the artist's poetics.

Accomplice of the realization of this goal is precisely the exhibition path, structured as a real and compelling investigation, divided into three well-defined nuclei: the portrait and the autoritrato (with the author absent); On the surface (line, perspective, horizon, tautology) and One of two (the myth and the classic).

The succession of columns, statues and plaster casts reduced in fragments are not only the sources of inspiration of the artist, but also classical finds that extrapolated from their original context are able to express a new interpretation of the present.

There is an interesting note: the Foundation also offers educational events dedicated to children aged 5 to 3 years, and their families, with the guidance of a museum education expert.


In the picture Portrait of the artist as a model, 1989. Pencil on canvas upside down on the wall and plaster cast.

Looks that say #TIRIGUARDA

The eyes of the protagonists of the #TIRIGUARDA billboard campaign conceived by Anlaids, under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and the support of M.A.C. Cosmetics, are captured by the photographer Daniele Barraco who has managed, thanks to his shots, to capture what they express those eyes, or the message addressed to everyone, no one excluded, on the dangers of HIV, which continues to spread despite information about this topic.

The claim created by Paolo Iabichino wants to awaken the conscience, to counteract a still widespread attitude of believing that sexually transmitted diseases represent a distant risk, and inducing prevention. The data are clear: in Italy about 40% of cases the virus is diagnosed late, and it is estimated that 30% of individuals unknowingly continue to favor transmission. Not only that, the categories considered less exposed to the risk of infection are increasing, while homosexuals and drug addicts are the most informed. In addition to the faces of the protagonists involved in this project (Tiziano Ferro, Fabio Volo, Giorgio Panariello, Maria Pia Calzone, Rudy Zerby, the artistic collective The Jackal, Giulia Valentina and Paula Turani), the posters that will dress 14 Italian cities for two weeks propose precise messages: "This is a campaign to read," says the creator and creative director Paolo Iabichino. "My writing is like a mirror for those who want to cross words, recognizing themselves in the eventuality. That can be remote until it touches us. But the spread of the HIV virus is something that affects everyone. As men and women, as parents and children, as husbands, wives, lovers and individuals to whom the campaign calls for greater awareness of the issues that engage Anlaids every day. Not just the first of December, World AIDS Day ".

Beautiful eyes with the right care

Even if the charm of the eye is enclosed in the look, an important component of its beauty is found in that tiny space in which the iris moves: the more it is candid, saturated and luminous, completely devoid of imperfections, the more beautiful it is.

In the United States, to satisfy the desire to have "a whitest white that can not" and get rid of redness and stains, there is the "plastic conjunctiva" (it's called I-Brite), which consists of the surgical removal of the conjunctiva, the protective and lubricating mucous membrane that covers the eyeball.

To avoid reaching such extreme solutions, there are good habits and simple precautions that allow us to preserve the well-being and beauty of the eye.

With a thickness of about 33 microns, the conjunctiva is a sort of protective moisturizing coat that plays a key role: not only protects the eyeball, but also exerts an immune action that helps prevent infections. For this reason its well-being must be preserved with precise and timely attention.

"As with the skin, one of the most insidious enemies of the conjunctiva is dehydration, which causes the onset of dryness, irritation and redness. Signals not to be overlooked not only for aesthetic reasons: when they occur frequently they can degenerate into real diseases ", explains Giulio Maria Modorati, surgeon specialized in ophthalmology San Raffaele Hospital and director of the Uveiti Center in Milan. "That's why the most important thing is to make sure that the eye always has a surplus" tearing ", especially considering the environment in which we live or spend most of the day".

Those who live in cities with a high level of pollution, spend a lot of time in closed and dusty places with air conditioning (cold or hot), or often face long journeys by train or plane, must get in the habit of instilling 3-4 drops every 2-3 hours of artificial tears. "These are special eye drops containing lubricating active ingredients that allow the surface of the eye to be constantly moistened", continues Giulio Maria Modorati.
"Single-dose artificial tears with no preservatives should be preferred. In fact, a study conducted well in Mexico on 1,200 patients showed that the absence of preservatives in this type of product improves eye comfort ".

Even the eyes, like the skin, suffer cell damage when they are exposed to sunlight, which are considered real invisible enemies. For this reason, the use of sunglasses with UV-protected protective shields by law is mandatory.
"Recent studies also warn against blue light. Issued from smartphones, tablets, computers and even from television it is scientifically proven to damage the retina and accelerate the processes that lead to the onset of maculopathies. In these cases, glasses equipped with new lenses designed to effectively shield from this type of wavelength are helpful ", emphasizes the ophthalmologist.

Beware of excesses that are addictive. The whitening eye drops should not be used routinely. "They are vasoconstrictors and reduce the thickness of the veins that can form on the conjunctiva: if they are instilled frequently they not only become ineffective but, in some cases, also create dependence", concludes the expert.

Banksy's visual protest

A Visual Protest. The art of Banksy
Mudec, Milan - until April 14, 2019

A mysterious and fascinating author, capable of triggering a real hunt for his works (and his visual complaints) when the rumor that arrived in the city spreads. And yes, because from New York to the wall that separates Cisgiordania to the state of Israel, in Naples, Banksy’s touch has reached (presumably nightly and protected from prying eyes) the buildings of the main metropolises of the world. With messages that are an explicit and biting provocation towards the arrogance of the system and power, of conformism, of war, of consumerism, of poverty and of the human condition. As the artist himself stated: "A wall is a great weapon. It's one of the worst things to hit someone with. "

The exhibition that opens today in Milan at Mudec is dedicated to the brilliant English street artist: The art of Banksy. A visual protest. Curated by Gianni Mercurio, it collects about 80 works including paintings, sculptures and prints accompanied by objects, photographs and videos that tell the story of the artistic journey of a myth whose identity continues to be anonymous. Naturally, this exhibition is not authorized by the author ...

Unanimously considered a great communicator, Banksy emphasizes the content of political and social messages explicitly, shifting the message from form to content.
The exhibition path at Mudec allows to read and understand strategies, sense and objectives of the messages and the stylistic cipher of the most pungent and efficient clandestine author. We do not forget, in fact, that, as a genuine exponent of guerrilla art, he refined the stencil technique with the dual purpose of being able to carry out illegal work with considerable speed.

Painter man, painter woman, ore a collective of artists. But also a madman, a genius, a rebel and a skilled computer. Beyond the definitions, Banksy likes and attracts. "His works are full of metaphorical images that transcend linguistic barriers," says Shepard Fairey, a well-known American street artist. "The images are fun and brilliant, yet so simple and accessible: even if the children of 6 years have no idea what a cultural conflict is, they will have no problem recognizing that there is something wrong when they see the Mona Lisa, a famous mural, which holds a flamethrower ".

Couple games on the eye contour

To restore hydration and vitality to the eyes, Daniela Pistoia, Estée Lauder's Educational Manager, suggests an intensive cosmetic treatment that combining a moisturizing patch with an energizing and draining cream.
The next day, when waking up, the look will be fresh and bright, with the skin of the contour perfectly smooth and firm.

Here's how to use these products to get these results.
"On the perfectly cleansed eye contour, I apply Estée Lauder's Instant Beauty Advanced Patch Repair Eye Patch, with hyaluronic acid, and leave it to act for 10 minutes. Freshness and relaxation of the skin are immediate", explains Daniela Pistoia.

"I complete the care applying Estée Lauder's Nutrition Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Eye Creams, based on energizing black diamond truffle and, using the specific applicator, performing a draining massage with movements that go from inside eye corner to the outside, until the product is completely absorbed. The feeling of freshness is incredible", concludes the expert.

Does diabetes affect eye health?

"From the data presented by the World Health Organization are increasing cases of diabetes, diseases often accompanied by serious complications that affect the health of the eye, or the maculopathy and diabetic retinopathy. It is, respectively, a degeneration that prevents seeing the details of an image, and damage to the blood vessels of the photosensitive tissue of the eye, precisely the retina ", explains Giulio Maria Modorati, an ophthalmologist in charge of the Centro Occhio Secco of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and the Uveiti Center in Milan. Let's not forget that among the most serious and frequent complications of diabetes there is just diabetic retinopathy, one of the main causes of low vision (in the photos above, the first manifestations of the difficulty to see distinctly the images) and blindness, especially in those aged that is, those between the ages of 20 and 65 who live in industrialized countries.

"In light of these data", says Lucio Buratto, scientific director of the Ambrosian Ophthalmic Center, "information and above all diagnostics action on the whole territory becomes fundamental. For this reason, together with Francesco Bandello, professor of ophthalmology of the Vita and Salute University of San Raffaele, a targeted initiative was prepared: the Month of the Prevention of the net and diabetic maculopathy, which for the entire month of February 2019 will make available 25 centers of excellence throughout Italy for free visits and diagnoses on diabetic maculopathy and retinopathy. It is an initiative that has had the patronage of the Ministry of Health".

Technology will play a key role during the prevention campaign, and there are numerous cutting-edge tools that will help, but will not replace, the doctors in the diagnosis of these diseases.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved a diagnostic device based on artificial intelligence. The software is called IDx-DR and, thanks to an algorithm, is able to detect a form of eye disease by simply viewing retina photos taken with a special camera, which are then transferred to a computer.

New generation tools in the ocular field also come from Google. The US company offering online services has launched the DeepMind Health project, which is able to process millions of medical information in minutes, speeding up healthcare processes. The initiative, which began in 2016 with a collaboration with the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.
Also Google, together with Novartis, is working on the possibility of creating contact lenses that can monitor blood glucose levels. Thanks to microsensors, microchips and miniaturized devices, the lenses would be able to do their job through tearing: the tears would actually flow over them and a chip would send the data to a remote computer. The prototype of these smart contact lenses was presented in January 2014 and will be released on the market in five years.

Impeccable eyebrows, between beauty trends and social commitment

They are a key element of the face, and for this they must always be neat and tidy. To avoid messing up, it is always advisable to rely on competent and specialized professionals who offer their services at the 80 Brow Bar Lounge Benefit Cosmetics from Sephora.
Promoter of a philosophy that promotes self-care with a smile on the lips, and offering tailor-made services in line with trends, the company has become a safe haven for the "maintenance" of eyebrows, but also synonymous with solidarity. In fact, her social commitment has allowed her to win the Social Award Special Award Against Violence on Women by Sodalitas, a foundation that promotes the development of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Italy, for the Bold is Beautiful Project of 2017 .
The Italian branch of the brand for the second year has joined the charity project promoted in the USA by American founders Jean & Jane Ford, to help associations that work to improve women in need. In May, the entire collection of eyebrow services made it possible to raise 222,000 euros, which were handed over to Di.re, women on the net against violence, and to Mamme a Scuola, a Milanese association that teaches Italian to immigrants to favor them. integration.


In the photos, Laura Arrigoni, Country Manager Italy Benefit Cosmetics, delivers the awards to the representatives of the two associations.

But let's come back to the brows.
In the make up now the keyword is: layering, a technique of overlays that allows you to play with any make-up tool. Alessandra De Feudis, National Brow Artist Benefit Cosmetics Italia explains how to apply it to the eyebrows with Brow Layering with three easily achievable styles.
To obtain feather-effect eyebrows, you need two shades of eyebrow pencil. First you create the shape and blend the color using a Precisely pencil, My Brow Pencil in nuance with the hair color. Then, with that of two darker tones, light strokes are drawn to create a three-dimensional effect. The final touch is 24-HR Brow Setter which fixes the feather effect.
The natural result is obtained by applying BROWVO in succession! Conditioning Primer, then the powder Foolproof Brow Powder and finally Gimme Brow + which thanks to the microfibre of the brush perfects the eyebrow arch.
It is obtained by drawing eyebrows with Goof Proof Brow Pencil designed to simplify every little stretch, then use the Gimme Brow + volumizing gel and ends with the High Brow pencil to blend under the eyebrow arch for an immediate lifting effect.
After drawing the eyebrow arch with the specific pencil in nuance, 3D BROWtones instant reflective illuminating gel is applied, which makes the eyebrows three-dimensional and avoids the "flat" effect.
A perfect style to be "instagrammato". Here are the steps: first you create the base with KA-BROW colored gel! Equipped with a flat brush specifically designed to create sharp angles, then fill the perimeter of the eyebrows with a matching pencil by performing small strokes that follow the direction of growth of the hair, finally fades the illuminating HIGH Brow, under the eyebrow, from the beginning of the arch to the tail.

In the gallery
Magical Brow Stars! di Benefit Cosmetics This box containing everything you need to have flawless eyebrows, now in promotion at a special price.

Put a patch on the eye contour

We're not talking about what it takes to cover a wound, but about eye patches. "They create an occlusion that makes the pores dilate, allowing the fast and deep absorption of the moisturizing and regenerating active ingredients contained in the formulas", explains Antonino Di Pietro, dermatologist and director of the Vita Cutis Dermoclinic Institute. Concentrated formulas that give the so-called express result: immediately after their use the skin of the contour appears relaxed, toned and luminous.

The first to enter the market, and which have now become classics, were those of non-woven fabric (made with cotton or silk fibers), imbibite of the moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients necessary for the skin to keep soft and elastic.

Next evolution were the versions of bio cellulose. This substance is a polysaccharide, which is a very common organic compound in nature because it is the support texture of plant tissues. Thanks to its hygroscopic characteristics (it absorbs moisture by increasing its volume) this fiber is used in medicine for moisturizing bandages that mitigate redness and skin irritation.

More recently, the hydrogel, a very light and transparent material made of polymer chains of molecules dispersed in water, also used in the medical field for the dressing of burns, has entered the market of face sheet masks. The substances that can be included in these formulas are plant derivatives of red algae, carob and agar agar.

The use is very simple: they are arranged accurately on the entire surface of the eye contour and are done for 15-30 minutes, a period of time necessary to release the functional ingredients contained.


Nella gallery
Optim-Eyes Patch di Filorga
Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask di Valmont
Eyezone Care di B-Selfie


Butterfly wings on the look

Glasses with butterfly lenses are more precious allies of style. With thin and elongated or round and large lenses, as a distinctive feature they have the peculiarity of having a sort of tail that stretches upward on the outside of each lens.

Many versions of this model have gone down in history thanks to cinema characters who have accentuated the myth. Who does not remember the gesture of Lolita, the character of the eponymous novel by Nabokov brought to the big screen by Kubrick, while turning the winking and brazenly provocative look over the butterfly glasses?
A special mention also goes to Audrey Hepburn, in a scene by Colazione da Tiffany, in her interpretation of Holly Golightly while she lowered her glasses, revealing her semi-hidden eyes from her wide brimmed hat, in a sober and elegant gesture but not for this reason less intriguing.

The butterfly glasses always make the look mischievous and the dimensions contribute a lot to accentuate the seductive side. If you do not have the charisma of cinematographic icons, however, you can count on a simple suggestion: the smaller the almond shape, the greater the semi-unveiled portion of the eye, in a balance of I see-I-see the look that the sexy side increases exponentially.

In the Gallery
The model wears dark-colored glasses from Saraghina.
From top to bottom:
With lenses and transparent frame by Rédélé. With large lenses by Silhouette Accent Shade. Tapered and mat line by Italian IndependentWith double tail by Made in Italia Eyewear


Legendary graphics

Thinking of a trick without a line of eyeliner this year will be almost impossible. Thick and graphic lines, to stand out, or subtle and nuanced, for lovers of sophisticated and well-groomed make-up, it will be the ideal partners to emphasize the cut of the eyes, and also to indulge in imaginative designs that, certainly, will make the look gritty, original and ... capture looks!

Let's not forget a detail that is not negligible: the line of eyeliner is transformist and surprising: it gives a clear and well-defined result by itself, instead fading it with a eyeshadow of the same color makes the result softer and more modular. In short, it does not limit the experimentation and the results it allows to obtain. Also there are the new colors, from white to red, which flank the classic black.

A true passion for this precious make-up tool is Kat Von D. In this image, the American model and tattoo artist has outlined a sort of eye of Horus around the eye using a beautiful hyperpigmented red, vivid, opaque, brash and vibrant that gives her an air of contemporary Cleopatra.

By Francesca Marotta

Photos in this service

Ink Well Outlaw by Kat Von D Beauty from Sephora. It is a mat eyeliner with a felt tip that gives an opaque and resistant result. In the formula there is the Weightless Flex Technology that offers numerous advantages: fast drying, full and intense color as a color cast. In addition it is resistant to water and perspiration. 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Dioshow On Stage Liner Matte White by Dior
With a no transfer and waterproof formula, it creates a perfect line on the first pass thanks to the applicator with a tapered tip of flexible felt. The color white is strategic, as Peter Philips, creative director of Dior make up explains: "I like to use it to enhance the other colors. After applying it, for example, I put on yellow to make it appear brighter, or black to make it more intense. Or tap the eye around the eye to create points of light ".

Fast & Liner Pen by PaolaP
Intensely pigmented with black, it has a consistency that adheres perfectly to the eyelid, tracing a full line that resists over time. Thanks to a gradual release of the product during application, then, guarantees maximum control and a flawless and flawless result

Beautiful Color Bold Defining Liquid Eyeliner N°01 Seriously Black by Elizabeth Arden
Intensely pigmented color formulated to withstand long, without fading or deburring. The thickness of the stretch is modulated by diversifying the pressure of the very thin felt tip.

Say goodbye to crow's feet

The crow's feet are dynamic wrinkles, which are highlighted with the movement of mimic muscles, those that allow changes in facial expression. The cosmetic capable of erasing not only does not exist but it is also difficult to be developed, precisely because they are highlighted intermittently: if the face is relaxed they are absent, but at the slightest smile or change of expression here they appear. Moreover, they are not all the same and aesthetic medicine proposes different solutions to mitigate them.

Contrary to what we think, the blepharoplasty can not erase them: "To make them invisible, the doctor should over-stretch the skin, a situation that would prevent any movement to the eyelids. The wrinkles around the eyes are due to the action of the orbicularis, that is, the contracting one closes the eyes. This muscle has a more peripheral part that does not have the function of closing the eyelids, but only to lower the side part of the eyebrow, explains Carlo Gasperoni, professor at the Master of Aesthetic Surgery of the Face at the University Tor Vergata in Rome. "These wrinkles are treated with botulinum toxin injections that work by relaxing or stopping the muscle, which therefore no longer causes the wrinkle. The lateral part of the eyebrow, lacking the muscle tone of the lateral muscle part, goes back a little. Therefore these injections are made of botulinum toxin with the dual purpose of eliminating them by raising the tail of the eyebrow. When wrinkles are not only lateral, but are also present under the eyes, this treatment with botulinum toxin is not possible because otherwise the eyes would not close more correctly. In these cases, if there is also some skin abundance, the plastic surgeon can act with a blepharoplasty intervention by redistributing the skin".

For those looking for a soft solution, injections of natural hyaluronic acid can be an effective and minimally invasive solution to counteract this type of expression wrinkles: "Free of additive chemicals and adhesives, it is a powerful regenerant that stimulates both the production of collagen, which give tone and compactness to the skin, both the microcirculation, which is generally quite fragile in the eye contour area, "explains Antonino Di Pietro, professor and director of the Vita Cutis Milano Dermoclinico Institute. "With the overlap technique, the doctor injects very small amounts of this substance, allowing the needle to penetrate the surface several times, lifting the skin folds and releasing the active agent".

Anti-stress treatments for your eyes

If an annoying burning of the eyes continues even if it has been a long time since the end of the holidays at sea the reasons are above all environmental. "Salt-rich sea water and the wind on the beach dry up your eyes; the air travel of the outward and backward journey stress the ocular surface and, in those who already have a personal predisposition, as well as burning and dry eyes may also appear redness, and sensation of foreign body in the eye ", explains Giulio Maria Modorati, Ophthalmologist in charge of the Centro Occhio Secco of the San Raffaele Hospital of Milan and of the Uveiti Center of Milan. And they are symptoms that can persist even when many days have passed since the end of the holidays ".

In these cases, the first treatment consists of carefully cleaning the eyes, rinsing them with a physiological solution to try to restore the correct physiology of the ocular surface, which must always be well lubricated in the most natural way possible.

"When the problem does not resolve itself in 4-5 weeks, it is advisable to undergo an accurate eye examination. In fact, only the expert can establish the most suitable therapeutic approach and the most appropriate solutions ". Giulio Modorati says. "The expert will recommend a mild anti-inflammatory therapy associated with the use of artificial tears without preservatives. If the symptoms do not resolve within two weeks, however, the next cure consists of a short cycle of topical steroids (in drops) associated with the use of artificial tears".

Cat eyes without eyeliner

Soft, nuanced and well defined. To make the line on the eyes with the long tail and raised upwards (from cat in short) according to Rjan Tolomei, Make Up Artist by Max Factor, Image Consultant and make-up artist of Italian and Hollywood celebrities, the eyeliner can, for the moment, put in the drawer. And this tool that gives a definite and clear line able to add a touch of exoticism to the look, is no longer so essential, especially for those who are not very familiar with one of the most difficult tools from the beauty case (there are no women who have tried to use it and threw in the towel not being able to draw a continuous line ...) but just perform an accurate work of precision using an automatic pencil and a brush.

"With these two tools you get a line free of stiffness and sharp edges, able to enhance the cut of the eyes in a polite and sophisticated way. At the same time, it gives a luxurious and elegant appearance ".

To make it happen he used Max Factor's automatic pencil Kohl Kajal Liner with a pigmented lead, formulated to be extremely comfortable on the skin and easily shaded, and a small flat brush.

After spiking a concealer in cream to hide the eye and skin imperfections around the eyes, Rjan has first blended an apricot-colored eye shadow under the eyebrow arch, then moved on to a ground-colored shade to define the entire eyelid.

Once this base was prepared, he drew a thin line along the entire length of the edge of the upper eyelid with the automatic pencil, carefully coloring all the spaces between the eyelashes.

After finishing this application, he traced another line on the edge of the upper eyelid, which this time began from about halfway through the eye and continued towards the outer corner, widening and rising.

After carefully coloring every microportion of skin that was not able to cover with the second passage, Rjan has faded the stretch made with the pencil using a small flat brush, taking care to always proceed upwards and outwards in order to soften and harmonize the line with the shape of the eye.


Cold is the best dark circle's friend

The dark circles around the eyes make the eyes look tired and tired, and finding a remedy to eliminate them is not easy.

"The dark circles are a widespread imperfection and are caused by constitutional problems related to the peripheral microcirculation and pigment accumulations. This annoying imperfection can increase with age, with tiredness, with stress, "explains Professor Leonardo Celleno, dermatologist and president AIDECO, Italian Association of Dermatology and Cosmetology. "Often the vasodilatation (caused by the heat) worsens the situation. This is why vasoconstriction caused by the cold can have a beneficial effect that will however be limited in time. The application, in the morning and in the evening, of a specific cosmetic for the "cooled" eyebrows (ie kept in the refrigerator before use) can perform a light activity in this direction".

To postpone the visit to the ophthalmologist it’s forbidden

Even when one sees well and there are no particular problems in adulthood, a visit to the ophthalmologist must always be done. "The incidence of ocular diseases increases considerably after the age of 50, and only the careful examination of the eye doctor can verify that there are no problems", explains Giulio Maria Modorati, ophthalmologist in charge of the Centro Occhio Secco dell San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and the Uveiti Center in Milan.

"At this age, in fact, there may be eye disorders that do not give symptoms, such as glaucoma. It is a pathology that, if neglected, can damage the optic nerve, responsible for transmitting visual information from the retina to the brain, leading to the most severe cases to blindness. Its onset is linked to an accumulation of fluid present inside the eye (called aqueous humor) which increases the pressure. The specialized doctor identifies it by measuring the pressure, examining the ocular fundus and checking the field of vision ".

Moreover, during this period of life the frequency of other ocular pathologies such as age-related macular degeneration, cataract problems, intraocular disorders such as melanoma, asymptomatic lesions that can lead to decreased vision, increases. Furthermore, the increasing spread of diabetes associated with serious eye complications should be reported.

Wellness experiences in Brianza

An oasis of well-being, immersed in the bucolic green of the Brianza hills. Monticello SPA was born as a SPA in 2006 and today is renewed, confirming itself as an exclusive place to alleviate the accumulated mental and physical stress, regenerate the body and purify / revitalize the mind, offering unforgettable feelings of pleasure, pampering and relaxation.

The novelties mainly concern the 6 emotional rooms, each dedicated to a specific experience of body well-being.

The Soap Experience a room with a constant temperature of 40 ° and humidity of 50%, for a softly frothy and delicately perfumed purification ritual ... with which to dissolve tensions and indulge in relaxation.

The Hammam embellished with elegant mosaics, wide arches and soft lighting, to which a healthy combination of steam and warmth give an evocative magical moment.

The Tepidarium that takes inspiration from the ancient Roman baths, a room marked by the depletion of the organism, with an immensely pleasant temperature and suffused aromas.

The Salt Room is always inspired by the Roman era, a hall covered with salt panels that release amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties into the environment, a respiratory panacea.

The Room of Nature is a luxuriant intertwining of real and artificial plants, to transmit to mind and body the ancestral harmony of the forests with the re-enactment of woody sounds.

The Room of Fire a room where the large water fireplace in the center, the predominant red color of the images, the crackling sound of the fire and the widespread heat envelop and return to the atmosphere of an intimate mountain chalet.

The center is equipped with Criocamera, the regenerating cold cure at less 130 °.
An archaic remedy used by the ancient Egyptians, which is now being revived thanks to the new and sophisticated technologies, which allow a maximum safety cryotherapy treatment.

Image, charm and mystery

IDOLS The power of image
Venice, Palazzo Loredan
Until 21 January 2019

An incredible and unmissable exhibition itinerary, fascinating and educational that also allows you to better understand the art world. The exhibition Idols The Power of Image is promoted by the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation and offers a journey through time through 100 oriental and western artifacts representing the human body of 4000-2000 BC. Some elements are rare and of great historical-scientific value. "The beginnings of the anthropomorphic figurative culture, the founding myths of humanity, the representation of power, be it of fertilization, divine or heroic: in this exhibition it is possible to find all this. A unique and unrepeatable journey that leads us to the origins of the depictions of the human body: from the first still ambiguous images and the dubious interpretation, in the Neolithic age, to their evolution in the Bronze Age ", explains Inti Ligabue, president of the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation . "A path that, crossing mountains, overcoming steppes and deserts, crossing seas and oceans, reveals transversal connections, commonalities of feeling and contacts in very distant territories".

In the collection there is an iconic work, which scholars know well and to which our name has been attributed: the so-called Venus Ligabue. A Battrian statuette of the 3rd millennium BC purchased by my father in the early seventies and became famous thanks to the very important studies he conducted in an area of the Turkestan Afghan, which today we identify as Bactria: the ancient name of a place and a civilization that he, among the first, illustrated in a volume ("Battriana" - Erizzo 1988) which is still a milestone in this field ". Adds Inti Ligabue.

Venus Ligabue, Eastern Iran, Central Asia, Oxus Civilization (2200-1800 BC), Chlorite, Limestone, Alt. 11 cm, width 13.2 cm. Ligabue Collection, Venice

The Pink Month of Prevention and the artistic eye of a warrior

"The photo shows an image of an eye of a samurai warrior. An eye in love with life, with light, which he needs to reassure his insecure steps in the dark. A tear flows from his iris, breaking into a thousand lines on his cheek ... A new battle is on its way, it's ready ... and fights !!!
The warrior is me, after an intervention immediately last July for metastases and partially sighted, I'm about to prepare for the therapy, whose side effects are not light.
The eye was rigged by the bodypainter Alajde Spernanzoni and the photograph is by Andrea Pulito.
With Monica and Fede we are the Guerriere Sciences Arts & Events, a group we created with the plastic surgeon Marco Iera. Our goal is to convey a precise message: pain, through events, scientific information and art can be channeled into a project, in a challenge capable of giving the right energy to survive, to live with the ugly evil that grips us .
Even the disease left marks on the body, we tattooed and exhibited to show that these difficulties can be overcome.
On September 29th we participated in the Regata del Conero in Ancona, the event to raise awareness on prevention and the fight against breast cancer, "says Eva Schioppa, one of the founders of Le Guerriere Sciences Arts & Events.
The Conero initiative anticipated the October Month of Rose, which has become an annual event to raise awareness on the importance of prevention and the raising of funds for research. And fundraising initiatives are multiplying.


Like the Brest Cancer Campaign of The Estée Lauder Companies, conceived by Evelyn H. Lauder along with the iconic Pink Ribbon, has been combining and inspiring people around the world for over 25 years with the aim of defeating this disease. "At our side we will find AIRC, which represents for us the excellence in Italy in research and attention to the sick, that we will continue to support with the aim of winning and giving all women a world free from breast cancer. The same purpose that Evelyn H. Lauder set out when, in 1992, he conceived the pink ribbon, today it has become the universal symbol of this struggle", says Edoardo Bernardi, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of The Estée Lauder Companies Italia.

By Francesca Marotta

Mona Lisa's no limits gaze

Hieratic, touched, dramatic ... but also, one might say, imploring, enigmatic, tragic, ironic ... Monna Lisa's gaze has always expressed what we all wanted and, if necessary, desired, destined to the use of any form of creativity ...

It is surely a look that, in capturing countless other glances, has projected itself beyond every imaginable limit. And the Louvre, which is its legitimate guardian, has always done everything to enhance its intensity and fame ... An expressive intensity, it must be said, that the subtle brush stroke of a genius, Leonardo da Vinci, he has realistically rendered in every minimal its anatomical part.

And, of course, the technique of oil has made the transparencies of an eye that can formally be renaissance and whose gaze harmoniously merges with the passage, also "beyond all limits" in its extension, even more fluid. Today we discuss whether it is appropriate to restore the Gioconda ... I believe that no one will ever remove that age-old patina of dirt, which in any case is there to strengthen the mystery, because nobody has ever dared to take something from the famous lady. If anything, it has always been intended to add "matter", so that this look can continue to talk to us endless times.
By Feliciano Marotta, art teacher

Halloween al museo

Written by: Francesca Marotta

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Per chi è ancora indeciso sul da farsi nella notte più tetra dell’anno, c’è l’opportunità di trascorrere la sera di Halloween al Museo Poldi Pezzoli. La casa-museo di via Manzoni a Milano, infatti, propone la Family Map, che conduce alla scoperta di teschi e scheletri raffigurati in alcune opere della collezione del Museo. La caccia agli orrori è completata da una serie di schede che svelano tante notizie interessanti sulle creazioni artistiche interessate da questo gioco.

Ritratto di uomo (recto), Memento mori (verso), Andrea Previtali detto Cordeliaghi, 1500-1502, tempera su tavola © Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milano

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