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The infinite flights of the heart

"Through the love that has not been able to live, the immortal Romeo makes each of us experience a dream of endless love", explains Silvana Casoli. So to express the temperament of what the creator considers "a hero of our times, authentic and passionate, who consumes life at full speed, without compromise or moderation" has included in the formula of the fragrance Romeo by Il Profvmo of the Trilogia shakesperiana collection the herbaceous and Mediterranean notes of rosemary, which they immediately manifest themselves, immediately transmitting freshness and energy.
Immediately afterwards, the notes of Virginia's blond tobacco, capable of evoking the smell of a cigar that is consumed, are perceived, decided and enveloping.
The emotions, however, do not subside, and the bottom reveals the green aroma of galbanum, perennial herbaceous plant native to the desert regions, which gives this composition an extremely sophisticated and elegant character.

As for the previous chapters of this olfactory collection, also for Romeo there is a special edition of blue Murano glass conceived by Didier Guillon and realized by the Master Vetraio Leonardo Cimolin. An exclusive creation made in a few pieces to collect, and proposed in an exclusive box that also contains the fragrance. 

Supporting art improves the world

There is a rose that blooms every year on June 21st in Milan, the day of the summer solstice, with a special prize. It is called Rosa di Brera and it is assigned to those who stood out in particular for the support of the Pinacoteca di Brera's projects.

Now in its second edition, the award goes to Rena De Sisto, Bank of America Merrill Lynch's global executive for Arts & Culture and Women's programs. "People make the difference, and when the right person is in the right position, the world can change for the better," says James Bradburne, the brilliant director of the Pinacoteca di Brera in the award's motivation. "In the last decade Rena De Sisto was responsible for the creation of the visionary art conservation project of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which involved, among other things, the restoration of Napoleon's sculpture in the courtyard of Brera, the restyling of Pinacoteca's laboratory and the restoration of the monumental canvas by Tiepolo".

The prize gave to Rena De Sisto consists of an enchanting gold and pink enamel pin decorated with a 1.13 cm rubellite surrounded by a corolla of diamonds created by Giampiero Bodino. The master and artist of fine jewelry has created this wonder inspired by the Rosa di Brera, a variety created especially for Brera da Barni, a Tuscan nursery specializing in roses. Since last year the Rose of Brera is also cultivated in the Botanical Garden of Brera.

Op-Art visions and illusions on Valverde water

To make its water increasingly protagonist of the tables of the best restaurants in the Bel Paese and the world, periodically Valverde involves students of the main design schools in their creative projects. This year he has chosen to work with Polimoda, an Italian fashion school based in Florence that delves into the themes of language, aesthetics, content and research.

This is how Valverde Black & White was born, the new line of bottles resulting from Giulia Vischi's creative project Geometric Elegance. In order to realize them, the student was inspired by the works of Franco Grignani, Italian painter and graphic designer, a leading exponent of Op Art, the artistic current that plays and has fun with optical illusions and visual distortions.

The new Valverde Black & White bottles are covered by different graphisms that indicate the type of water they receive inside: linear strokes for the natural one, moved for the slightly sparkling version, and swirling for the sparkling type.

The fixed residue of 38.2 mg \ l allows Valverde water, which flows from the rocks in Valsesia to the slopes of Monte Rosa, the name of "minimally mineralized." Not only that, but its very low sodium content that settles on 3.5 mg \ l makes it ideal for those suffering from hypertension and to counteract water retention, while the moderately low pH (degree of acidity) (6.6) makes it the best ally at the table for those with digestive problems.

A quality Italian water, unique in its kind, that is already distinguished (and remembered) not only for the taste that refreshes the palate, but also for its iconic bottle of clear and transparent glass. Designed by Matteo Thun & Partners, in fact, it is also a design object for its essential and elegant style, with the the precious metallic and colored label in shades of turquoise, fuchsia and acid green.

The three lives of Infini

A cocktail of fruity aromas of orange and pear introduce a heart of Siam benzoin and sandalwood from Mysore, set on a base of sandalwood and jasmine: these are the essence of the new version of Caron's Infini fragrance.

Created for the first time in 1912 by master perfumer Ernest Daltroff and reformulated in 1970 by Gerard Lefortis, today it is reinvented by the nose William Fraysse who had to deal with a problem: the original formula is no longer found.

Fruit of precious raw materials and noble agreements, the new version is decidedly fresh and greedy, mischievous and vigorous, and does not disappoint compared to previous editions because it re-proposes the sense of independence of the bold and courageous women who chose it at the beginning and in the second half of the last century, periods of great changes and women's emancipation.

A magic contained in a bottle shaped like an Art Deco inkwell, the aesthetic style that spread throughout Europe and the United States in the 1920s and 1930s.

Living with art

Segni Urbani, from 14 June 2018
Rivolta Immobiliare, Viale Carso 11 - 15th, Rome

It satisfies the sight and it is a stimulus for the imagination and the thought. Art is good for the spirit, and bringing it into the home makes the environment more welcoming. The house, in fact, represents our identity, and complete it with an artistic object further enriches it and helps to make it even more welcoming, in tune with ourselves.

The proposal to use it as a tool to enhance the home comes with the exhibition Segni Urbani wanted by Rivolta Immobiliare since 1956. The pictorial exhibition, conceived and directed by the president of the agency with his sons Marco and Luca with Francesco Francesconi, is focused on works by the artist Edelweiss Molina and wants to offer a reflection on the complementary relationship that is created between art and living space: on the one hand the work of art embellishes the space in which it is located, on the other there is the environment that "Guards" the work of art.

"I consider the innovative approach of Rivolta Immobiliare in Italy, and I am proud to be able to contribute with my works to shed light on the essential combination of art and living spaces, especially in a city of art par excellence like Rome," says Edelweiss Molina. "It is important that the role of art in our lives and in its interaction with the space in which we live is recognized."

In the eight works that will be exhibited, including two three-meter-long abstract triptychs, the artist investigates the relationship between the elements of nature and urban reality that man inhabits, with its load of desires, tensions and fears. His art finds an ideal collocation in the inhabited space, almost as if it were designed to be guarded by it.
"The city represented by Molina is full of contradictions, silent and deafening, it is a place of sudden apparitions, full of signs and color, in which images and shadow cones gather, holding hidden memories and fragments of forms already lived," comments Lidia Reghini from Pontremoli, art critic and exhibition consultant. "The paintings of Molina are the mirror of our soul: the territory of art is the privileged place to mirror oneself, rediscovering one's own identity between signs and words."

Artistic calculations

Piero della Francesca. The seduction of perspective
Civic Museum of Sansepolcro
Sansepolcro (Ar) - Until 6 January 2019

Refined and innovative painter, master of abacus, Euclidean surveyor, Archimedes scholar, Piero della Francesca is considered one of the most emblematic artists of the Italian Renaissance. Concurrently with the presentation of the restoration of his fresco Resurrezione di Cristo at the Museo Civico di Sansepolcro, an exhibition path has just been inaugurated that allows us to deepen the immense scientific culture of the artist.

The exhibition project, developed around De prospectiva pingendi (the first illustrated treatise on perspective) makes us understand how humanist painting finds its most natural basis in science. In fact, it is a collection of reproductions of drawings, perspective models, scientific instruments, videos and mathematical research that the artist himself has applied to his painting. Studies, calculations and projects left behind by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Durer, until the mid-sixteenth century.

The nomadic size

Every scent is a journey. Inside of oneself, in memories, in the present, beyond one's own boundaries... Nick Steward's project with Gallivant makes travel, and offers olfactory experiences for contemporary globetrotters, who seek emotions and uniqueness.

"My project is based on the materials, the best for origin and craftsmanship, and on the simplicity of the 30ml bottle, minimalist and elegant, pleasant to see and touch, a practical companion of contemporary, curious and demanding wanderers".

With over twenty years experience in the perfume industry, and tired of the detached and pompous attitudes of many brands, Nick Steward after being creative director of L'Artisan Parfumeur, decides to found his own collection of unisex eau de parfum. And even the choice of the mini-size is not accidental: "As anyone who travels as much as I did, always on the move between various cities, I wanted small products in a size that did not create the problems of modern airport nomads. And then I turn to those who want to play with fragrances, have fun wearing them, and who do not want to commit themselves with a single olfactory signature for life. This is the real reason why this "nomad" size works for them ".

Developed with the French perfume maker Karine Chevalier, Istanbul is an amber, woody and spicy fragrance that tells the double soul of the city of Turkey, located between Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus strait, full of mysterious charm.

Creating the magic of this place born Constantinople, which was the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, where different cultures, ancient and modern alternate in a harmonious way, must not have been an easy undertaking.

Of marble and of canvas

Christ died in the tomb and three sorrows of Andrea Mantegna, Tempera on canvas, 1470-1474, cm68x81, Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan.

Veiled Christ, Giuseppe Sanmartino, marble statue, 1753, cm180x80x50, Cappella Sansevero, Naples.

Marble is the element that unites these two absolute masterpieces. On the one hand, the plan of support on which the Christ of Mantegna is placed is a cold, sepulchral table on which the sacrifice reaches its epilogue. It is nevertheless so earthly that it does not allow us to imagine the uniqueness of the spiritual value of the Resurrection. While the warm wood of the cross has held back the blood, the sweat and the atrocious suffering of the agony almost as if it did not want to reject it to become itself a symbol, on the other the stone of the anoint welcomes and fixes the eternity of a message that passes through matter and becomes history.
But this same matter, in Sammartino's work, takes on dynamism, softness, transparency ... This time the stone becomes flesh, stripping itself of the hardness that Mantegna can describe with clarity, giving the same body of Christ a cold consistency. Paradoxically, with the brush it is possible to make the stiffness of a hard material; instead the chisel makes the fugacity of something that would soon lose shape, volume, color. And the sculptor manages it with an almost alchemical extraordinaryness.
Both examples are certainly born from the fusion between technical magic and exceptional yield of humanity and spirituality, inevitably producing perfection within an artistic language.

Di Feliciano Marotta

For more information:

6 minutes a day are enough to change skin

Moisturizing and nourishing the facial skin with cosmetics suited to your needs is undoubtedly the best method to preserve elasticity and tone. Accompanying these good habits to the use of special equipment that exploit precise technologies to stimulate the skin to preserve elasticity and tone, can give surprising results, as I have been able to ascertain. I had the opportunity to test the effectiveness of Clarisonic's Smart Profile Uplift, a device with a massaging head made of silicone, which exploits a particular and exclusive sonic frequency, very delicate, to firm the skin.

The strength of this instrument is the sonic frequency, with 27,000 micromassages repeated every 3 minutes of treatment. Basically, the massaging head slips on the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and internal arms (I have also treated this area of ​​my body) after applying the moisturizer on clean skin.
Thanks to these mechanical stresses the deeper layers of the skin are awakened, the collagen and elastin fibers, which give tone, are stimulated and reinvigorated, thus regaining vitality, elasticity and compactness.

In addition to the Firming Massage head, the device is also equipped with a cleaning brush, the Revitalizing Cleanse, which uses the same sonic frequency to achieve a deep and complete skin cleansing.

Tested by the L'Oréal research laboratories, it is recommended to use twice a day (3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening) and for 12 weeks. This is the minimum period necessary to see the first results: compact skin, thin lines and a radiant appearance.

As Robb Akridge, research scientist and co-founder of Clarisonic explains, "Thanks to the clinical tests we have performed, Smart Profile Uplift is a device that has the ability to clean and firm the skin with just one instrument. Soon it will become essential for those who want to get a thorough cleansing and effectively counteract the signs of aging. And for them it will become a fundamental tool".

I have tried it consistently for 3 months, morning and evening, and it works: the small wrinkles and the marks on the skin are less evident, the less evident cutaneous sagging, the skin is visibly more compact and luminous. Even the skin pores have shrunk.

A pixie cut in… immersion!

Bright, swaying tufts with a free and natural movement, lit by brilliant reflections that give light to the face. The pixie cut in this image, very short on the back of the head, has the fringe "in immersion", which moves like the seaweeds immersed in the water of the sea. It is part of the new James Hair Fashion Club's Deep Sirens collection designed by James Longagnani, partner of Wella Professionals, and his Artistic Team.

The cut, very accurate and apparently disconnected, is enhanced by the faceted reflexes, obtained by mixing different colors of Illumina Color (bright color with high reflecting power), Koleston Perfect (a color palette that gives an intense, long-lasting color) durability and guarantee coverage of white hair) and Color Touch (dye without ammonia that gives brilliance) by Wella Professionals.


Photo credit:
Artistic Director: James Longagnani
Creative Director: Alessandro Squarza
Coordination: Cristina Vecchi
Photo: Marco La Conte
Make up: Katja Wilhelmus @ closeupmilanoagency
Styling: Emanuela Mari

Caviar’s audacity

I finally managed to try the treatment that La Prairie has developed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its iconic Skin Caviar line: Absolute Filler. Celebration that the company has made unique by starting a special collaboration, The Art of Caviar, with the Swiss Art Basel fair, one of the main stages of the art world, starting from the idea that the artistic process of scientists formulators (bold and innovative the initiative to insert the caviar in a cosmetic treatment) is similar to that of an artist.

After about three weeks of decidedly pleasant treatment (the consistency of this cream is soft and immediate absorption) the skin has found a tonic, smooth, turgid and luminous appearance. Beautiful also the new dispenser with incorporated mirror: hides a vacuum pump that releases a small amount of product with a pressure.

At the heart of the formula there is a prized caviar extract that, thanks to increasingly evolved distillation processes and perfected over time, keeps intact the properties that have made it one of the most advanced and innovative ingredients included in a cosmetic.

In the Skin Caviar Absolute Filler a new technological process has been introduced that uses special processes of pressure and centrifuge to separate lipids (or fats, are organic compounds that make up, among other things, the skin hydrolipid protection barrier) and proteins (molecules consisting of chains of amino acids that give firmness to the skin) present in the caviar. Two ingredients with moisturizing and volumizing properties with a marked ability to stimulate and increase the formation of collagen (fibers that give tone to the skin) at multiple levels.

Associated with oils and proteins there are brown algae and peony root extract, which restore softness and elasticity.

It's just an illusion

Roberta Redaelli, the Como’s designer who signs the ECLèCKTICA collection, has introduced an innovative knitting process called Dinami-Tecs: allows you to get garments that are not creased, never lose their shape and follow the body like a second skin. An extremely pleasant innovation to wear and that gives the confidence to have garments always "in shape".

Untitled is the name of the new spring summer collection ECLèCKTICA by Roberta Redaelli and allows the art to be worn. In fact, the geometric patterns proposed are inspired by the painting called just Untitled, an iconic acrylic painting on canvas by Domenico Battista, the painter who bases his works on the "spatial" research of colors, typical of the avant-garde of the '60s and' 70s, in particular of the Op-Art (also called Optical Art), with lines that follow in an unusual way, creating a contrast between the geometric stiffness of the striped and the fluidity of the colors that give a dreamlike atmosphere to his paintings.

A magic of colorful, full and even delicate lines, which create unprecedented movement illusions, giving fluidity and dynamism to the blouse with porthole on the shoulders and the skirt with soft folds crossed over the waist.

The assembly of this image is done by assembling the shots by Guido Taroni

Theatrical frivolities

What's more frivolous and fanciful than a feather on a dress? Impalpable, aerial, sinuous and theatrical. But it's also ironic, voluptuous, fun. The ostrich feathers, in particular, are the details that making delicious and funny dresses, blouses, trousers. For those who do not feel like imitating the unforgettable Wanda Osiris, the 1940s icon actress who has made her artistic code just the feathers, Lorena Antoniazzi proposes a brooch with this light and elusive material. A little jewel to wear to decorate hats, necklaces, bracelets, handbags ... Small details that make you feel a little divine.

Reality and its torments

Frida Kahlo. Beyond the myth
Mudec, Milan - Until 1 June 2018

Paintings, videos, photographs and phrases follow one another in the rooms hosting the exhibition dedicated to the Mexican artist. The exhibition path leaves the usual patterns and also the vision of the link between the works of Frida Kahlo with her personal history, with the traffic accident that causes the spine to break at 18, forcing her to bed in the company of her painting.
Get lost in his ruthless paintings, see her move safely in unpublished videos, look at the pictures that portray her (beautiful) and Diego Rivera (an immense man, painter of murals and his intermittent companion) scattered in a rather complex inter, means making a intimate and total immersion in one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century.
And better understand the technical skills of a woman proud of being Mexican, who collected her hair and wore her clothes according to the most ancient traditions of her land, which has never changed the shape of the eyebrows and has never dreamed of removing the mustache.
An independent woman, politically engaged but also fragile and out of every cliché, as she herself declared "They considered me a surrealist but it is not true. I've never painted dreams. What I pictured was my reality ".
The Woman, The Earth, Politics and Pain are the themes that mark the exhibition the result of six years of research, and made possible by the curator Diego Sileo in Mexico, and by unpublished documents found in the archive of Casa Azul (the Blue House), in the center of Coyoacàn, a suburb of Mexico city, where painter was born and lived.

Instinct is a co-creation

With this new fragrance Thierry Mugler has created an unprecedented artistic and creative project. Aura, in fact, is a multifaceted and intense botanical fragrance, the result of the collaboration of the designer who has orchestrated a team of professionals from different sectors.

Among the professions involved in the Aura project stand out four parfumeurs (Daphné Bugey, Amandine Clerc Marie, Christophe Raynaud and Marie Salamagne) plus a group of image experts, a philosopher, a sculptor. The result is a fragrance that excites the instinct enclosed in a unique bottle of its kind, a small sculpture that recalls a leaf, a heart, a splinter ...

Even the olfactory notes inserted in the scent strike for their originality and uniqueness, and all combine to realize an ambitious project: to explore and reveal the true instinct, the wild nature that exists in every woman.

The vertebral column of the fragrance is the wild liana, a Chinese medicinal plant, used in the treatment of heart disease, which contributes to the balance of the organism, a double and incisive raw material, sour and smoky, seductive and tender. At the beating heart of Aura are two hearts: vegetable, given by rhubarb leaf and orange flower, and feline animal, with vanilla pod borubon and wolfwood, a boisé-smoky acord with soft resin accents.

Wrinkles countdown

To be exact they have 2 hours. An unthinkable result for a cosmetic, but I tried B-Selfie Eyezone Care and actually maintains this promise. It comes in the form of transparent patches, on whose surface you can see many small pointed micro-studs, to be applied on the eye contour, perfectly cleansed, gently tapping them.

The innovation of this treatment is linked to the hyaluronic acid transport method (precious substance produced by the body with the function of moisturizing and protecting the tissues) and growth factors (EGF, proteins that among the various functions intervene in regulating the processes related to cell growth and proliferation in the epidermis). These elements are enclosed in the pointed micro-studs that are able to penetrate the superficial skin layers through a simple pressure of the fingers that makes them dissolve, allowing the release of the active ingredient in depth.

The filler effect is effectively guaranteed, with the cutaneous microsolchi that are effectively filled with the skin that is smooth and luminous. I tried the treatment only once, and the result lasted for several days. Also called do-it-yourself fillers, for results that last longer, they are recommended 4 applications to be repeated 24 hours apart from each other.

The 4 years that have changed the world

Revolution: musica e ribelli 1966-1970, dai Beatles a Woodstock
La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano – Fino al 4 aprile 2018

Historia magistra vitae (history is the teacher of life) said Cicerone, lawyer and philosopher of ancient Rome. To understand the era we are experiencing it is important to know what happened before. To revise with images, objects, clothes and music, what happened between 1966 and 1970 now in Milan there is the Revolution exhibition, curated by Victoria Broackers and Geoffrey Marsh, who conceived and created it for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The show represents an intense and precious moment both for those who have lived that period, and for those who know it only because they have read it in books.

Lennon, Kaleidoscope Eyes, 1967, ideato da Larry Smart
© Private Collection/Bridgeman Images

A bold and decided scent

Who has identified in Bois 1920's Oro his favorite and irreplaceable fragrance will find in OroNero as a possible alternative. And if in this highly selected circle of enthusiasts nobody is willing to replace his chosen, surely those who do not dare to approach the oldes perfume of the Florentine house will find in this new creation OroNero a very stimulating olfactory composition. The motives are directly explain their creator, Enzo Galardi.

"Oro is an exclusive niche perfume, born 30 years ago, has been a successful creation since then, and has been able to keep a selected clientele that continues to look for it. I certainly deserve the selected raw materials, such as resins and precious woods, A complex mix that gives dependence.
The idea of ​​creating OroNero, which I consider like a bold and mysterious puff, was born precisely to increase the number of enthusiasts looking for something more accessible. Its composition is simpler than that of Oro, of course, but it still captures the attention for its originality.
What makes it unmistakable are saffron notes that blend with bergamot, orange and cloves. A mix that introduces the woody heart where patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and ylang-ylang blend harmoniously. All is laid on a leather, amber and vanilla base. "

The Beauty's Balance

Beauty and the Beast
Palazzo Tiepolo Passi, Venice - Until November 26, 2017

Taking inspiration from the famous tale, Fondation Valmont promotes a contemporary art exhibition that deals with the delicate balance between man and nature with the works of two artists, Judi Harvest and Quentin Garel, which testify to a hypothetical catastrophic destiny of humanity.

The exposed works tell about the contrast between the human-beast, represented by the incisive and magnetic sculptures made by and the beauty-nature whose protagonists are the majestic bees created by Judi Harvest's.

The exhibition promoter is Didier Guillon, chairman and artistic director of the Valmont Group, who created the Fondation Valmont as an expression of love for art, that characterizing for tradition the Guillon family. To expand as much as possible the sharing of art and beauty, the foundation organizes and promotes contemporary art exhibitions all over the world.


di Lucia Guelfi

A poetry of perfume

To celebrate its first 10 years of activity, MEMO Paris creates a new delicate but sparkling fragrance, light but persistent. It's called Eau de Memo and is enclosed in a box decorated with three little birds playing. The intention of his creator, Aliénor Massenet, is to tell the lightness and depth, the flight of curious little birds flying to Ville Lumiere, happy to leave but still more happy to remember. Emotions she can convey thanks to the essence of bergamot, the absolute of Egyptian jasmine to the leather agreement.

The anniversary of Memo Paris is celebrated by Clara Molloy (co-founder of Memo Paris) also with an art-related initiative with the Association Cinehaiku and the project Cinéhaïku, Competition and Festival of short films in 3 floors, inspired by Haïku, a poetic composition born in Japan in the seventeenth century. Generally it is composed of three verses and it is used above all to describe the nature and the reaction of those who observe it. Sensations and emotions that participants in this initiative must translate into a short video.

Here is a good opportunity for those who love to experiment in the art of producing verbal compositions in verses that then have to be translated into videos.

To participate in the Competition Cinéhaïku you have to sign up through Facebook and upload your own movie, respecting the rules that refer to the Haïku structure, and therefore have a duration of up to 30 seconds shot in 3 floors. Each winner elected receives a prize of $ 500. The competition will end on 26 June 2017 and will award a final winner, selected by a jury of international filmmakers, art and literature, with a prize of $ 10,000.

The first edition of the Festival Cinéhaïku, however, will take place from 7 to 21 July 2017 in France, in Gordes in the village of Luberon, with itinerant walks in unusual places.

La solennità del silenzio

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Piero della Francesca
Musei San Domenico, Forlì - Fino al 26 giugno 2016

Piero è un gigante della pittura: egli costruisce le figure come se si trattasse di edifici. I corpi sono la struttura portante, gli abiti, il rivestimento.
La mostra di Forlì identifica il ruolo del maestro come generatore di interessanti sviluppi assai posteriori al Rinascimento e che si ritrovano in opere con la medesima monumentalità realizzate da Seurat, Casorati o Carrà.
Ma assai significativi, all'interno dei troppo affollati spazi espositivi, appaiono i capolavori di Bartolomeo della Gatta, di Andrea del Castagno e del Beato Angelico, perfetti nella loro elaborata ideazione compositiva. Ogni opera è un capolavoro di equilibrio che si armonizza con la componente sia cromatica che narrativa. Il piacere della lettura formale è quindi immenso, anche perché numerosi sono i particolari da scoprire all'interno di una idea strutturale solida. E questa si rivela pienamente soprattutto nei complessi disegni di Paolo Uccello, che nel contempo appaiono leggerissimi, quasi aerei. Da parte sua, nei dipinti, Piero si serve di un'espressività di gusto metafisico che è muta e atemporale: da un lato, egli aggiunge mistero alle situazioni, dall'altro rafforza il senso architettonico di una forma che è sempre geometrico volume.

Di Feliciano Marotta

Nella foto: Madonna della misericordia di Piero della Francesca e Silvana Cenni di Felice Casorati


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