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The 4 years that have changed the world

Revolution: musica e ribelli 1966-1970, dai Beatles a Woodstock
La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano – Fino al 4 aprile 2018

Historia magistra vitae (history is the teacher of life) said Cicerone, lawyer and philosopher of ancient Rome. To understand the era we are experiencing it is important to know what happened before. To revise with images, objects, clothes and music, what happened between 1966 and 1970 now in Milan there is the Revolution exhibition, curated by Victoria Broackers and Geoffrey Marsh, who conceived and created it for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The show represents an intense and precious moment both for those who have lived that period, and for those who know it only because they have read it in books.

Lennon, Kaleidoscope Eyes, 1967, ideato da Larry Smart
© Private Collection/Bridgeman Images

A bold and decided scent

Who has identified in Bois 1920's Oro his favorite and irreplaceable fragrance will find in OroNero as a possible alternative. And if in this highly selected circle of enthusiasts nobody is willing to replace his chosen, surely those who do not dare to approach the oldes perfume of the Florentine house will find in this new creation OroNero a very stimulating olfactory composition. The motives are directly explain their creator, Enzo Galardi.

"Oro is an exclusive niche perfume, born 30 years ago, has been a successful creation since then, and has been able to keep a selected clientele that continues to look for it. I certainly deserve the selected raw materials, such as resins and precious woods, A complex mix that gives dependence.
The idea of ​​creating OroNero, which I consider like a bold and mysterious puff, was born precisely to increase the number of enthusiasts looking for something more accessible. Its composition is simpler than that of Oro, of course, but it still captures the attention for its originality.
What makes it unmistakable are saffron notes that blend with bergamot, orange and cloves. A mix that introduces the woody heart where patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and ylang-ylang blend harmoniously. All is laid on a leather, amber and vanilla base. "

The Beauty's Balance

Beauty and the Beast
Palazzo Tiepolo Passi, Venice - Until November 26, 2017

Taking inspiration from the famous tale, Fondation Valmont promotes a contemporary art exhibition that deals with the delicate balance between man and nature with the works of two artists, Judi Harvest and Quentin Garel, which testify to a hypothetical catastrophic destiny of humanity.

The exposed works tell about the contrast between the human-beast, represented by the incisive and magnetic sculptures made by and the beauty-nature whose protagonists are the majestic bees created by Judi Harvest's.

The exhibition promoter is Didier Guillon, chairman and artistic director of the Valmont Group, who created the Fondation Valmont as an expression of love for art, that characterizing for tradition the Guillon family. To expand as much as possible the sharing of art and beauty, the foundation organizes and promotes contemporary art exhibitions all over the world.


di Lucia Guelfi

A poetry of perfume

To celebrate its first 10 years of activity, MEMO Paris creates a new delicate but sparkling fragrance, light but persistent. It's called Eau de Memo and is enclosed in a box decorated with three little birds playing. The intention of his creator, Aliénor Massenet, is to tell the lightness and depth, the flight of curious little birds flying to Ville Lumiere, happy to leave but still more happy to remember. Emotions she can convey thanks to the essence of bergamot, the absolute of Egyptian jasmine to the leather agreement.

The anniversary of Memo Paris is celebrated by Clara Molloy (co-founder of Memo Paris) also with an art-related initiative with the Association Cinehaiku and the project Cinéhaïku, Competition and Festival of short films in 3 floors, inspired by Haïku, a poetic composition born in Japan in the seventeenth century. Generally it is composed of three verses and it is used above all to describe the nature and the reaction of those who observe it. Sensations and emotions that participants in this initiative must translate into a short video.

Here is a good opportunity for those who love to experiment in the art of producing verbal compositions in verses that then have to be translated into videos.

To participate in the Competition Cinéhaïku you have to sign up through Facebook and upload your own movie, respecting the rules that refer to the Haïku structure, and therefore have a duration of up to 30 seconds shot in 3 floors. Each winner elected receives a prize of $ 500. The competition will end on 26 June 2017 and will award a final winner, selected by a jury of international filmmakers, art and literature, with a prize of $ 10,000.

The first edition of the Festival Cinéhaïku, however, will take place from 7 to 21 July 2017 in France, in Gordes in the village of Luberon, with itinerant walks in unusual places.

Bill Viola, the humanity and the nature’s forces

Bill Viola. Rinascimento elettronico
Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze
Until July 23, 2017

For those who know him and especially for those who have never seen his video installation, the Exhibition that hosts the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation is an unmissable opportunity to live the stylistic path of Bill Viola from the Seventies to today.

From the first experiments of the past, to the great contemporary installations that have made it famous, the artist has always put the focus of his creations on the man who interacts with the forces of nature such as water and fire, light and darkness , The cycle of life and that of rebirth.

Bill Viola's works, moreover, are often compared to the masterpieces of great masters of the past who have been a source of inspiration for him and have marked the evolution of language.

Catwalk with flakes

The first day of Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 has had starring the flakes.

From N°21 that has nominated them on precious and delicate lace dresses, to Gucci, where thanks amazing creative talent of Alessandro Di Michele they are microscopic and hard, until Alberta Ferretti, who uses them to stop the wide and long capes printed silk.
Large and small, flat and fluffy, soft and rigid, the staple proves to be a versatile and extremely flexible decoration, of which we will can not do without ...

Perfumes with flake

Few decorations are able to convey kindness and gentleness as a flake. One element that adds a romantic touch to perfumes, also enhancing the beauty of the bottles that enclose them.

The flake on the bottle of the new Eau de Toilette Signorina in fiore by Salvatore Ferragamo reminds the petals of a flower.
The Florentine house to express the romantic temperament of young women, focuses on the notes of nashi pear sorbet and pomegranate.

Jo Malone London for her Scented Candle for the House Pomegranate Noir uses a black flake, a color that creates an elegant contrast with the color of the special scented wax. The intense aroma of this candle that lasts 45 hours, in fact, is a tangle of pomegranate, raspberry, plum, peperosa and lilies that invite relaxation and contemplation.

Chloé Eau de Parfum is a lively and delicate fragrance enclosed in a blown glass bottle of Saint Gobain and decorated with a ribbon knotted in a cheeky way. The aroma is lively and flirtatious, with notes of peony, rose, magnolia and lily of the valley.

French mandarin, Bulgarian rose and ylang ylang from Madagascar are the dominant notes of Flora Chic by Artistry, encased in a handmade glass bottle and decorated with a pink ribbon.

The Pinacoteca di Brera and the 100 days of Mr. James M. Bradburne

Who lives in Milan, from the beginning of the year is experiencing magical sensations related to the world of art and beauty. The main protagonist is the Brera district with the grandiose project which concerns it. Works began in January when, 100 days of his appointment, the new General Director of the Pinacoteca di Brera and the Library Braidense James M. Bradburne unveiled its three-year project for the revitalization of the entire complex that gathers the most important masterpieces of ' Italian art.
"My goal is to ensure that the Milanese Brera come back to fall in love with. If Milan embraces his Brera, the world follows her," he said. He added: "The Brera mission must be to preserve its collection, making an integral part of contemporary life, at the service of the widest possible range of users of all ages, nationalities and ethnicities. The works will be used to
stimulate curiosity,
sharpen the criticism and perception,
increase the visual intelligence.
We must not trivialize the culture, but to make the public aware of today that Mantegna, Caravaggio, Raphael were perfectly contemporary artists, in the most radical sense. In the words of Nelson Goodman "we are institutions to prevent blindness." He concluded by explaining his idea: "The idea is to create a" great brera "that is not a real estate transaction but a vision citizen, active cultural weapon, a place where you go to feed their knowledge problems".

Dr. James M. Bradburne Director General Brera Art Gallery and Library Braidense © Martin Riese

Leave emotions free

Born in the heart of the French Alps in an italian family, Laurent Mazzone is a maker of very intriguing fragrances that in 2006 he founded the LM Parfums, original perfumes turned to refined noses able to appreciate the aromatic cocktails out of the ordinary. In particular, Sine Die Eau de Parfum has the power to free the mind and emotions. The top notes and grapefruit on my skin become dominant thanks to the warm embrace of the leather, the violet and the amber.

Fairytale jingle

Teapots, cups and saucers crafted by Massimiliano and Tiziana Musardo brothers are the decorations of the most original bracelet and gently noisy. Every movement of the wrist, in fact, generates a gentle tinkling giving joyful and fabulous sensations. This unusual accessory ago farte the collection Prendiamo un tè a Lecce, it is signed Mumati Gioielli and it is made of silver 925, I find it an essential supplement to ward off the witches of the... Halloween's night!

Halloween at the Museum

For those who are still undecided about what to do in the darkest night of the year, there is the opportunity to spend the evening of Halloween at Museo Poldi Pezzoli. The house-museum in Via Manzoni in Milan, in fact, offers the Family Map, which leads to the discovery of skulls and skeletons who appear on some of the Museum's collection works. The hunting of horrors is complemented by a series of tabs that reveal many interesting facts about the artistic creations interested by this game.

Ritratto di uomo (recto), Memento mori (verso), Andrea Previtali detto Cordeliaghi, 1500-1502, tempera su tavola © Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milano

The memories folders

They come to our minds the memories of the classroom the 273 bags made by Lunita Pascal, the brand founded by Bruna Pizzichini and Francesca Fasano. Rather than bags, they are real folders made with artisan rigor and handmade in Lecce using soft leathers and are availables in two sizes (small and large) and two lines (basic and limited editio. Each template is customizable in the choice of color and in the type of leather. They comes with many details that make the difference: the label segnanome, the interior zip pocket and the water bottle pocket.

Tufts on the ice

Enlivened by sinuous curls or kept smooth to natural as silk ribbons, the tufts gracefully decorating the face are all the rage. The most interesting are those of Eva Riccobono, Claudia Vieira and Viky Varga (pictured above, from right) who participated as guests at One Amazing Day, the ice show which was held at the Arena in Verona on October 7 and 8. Performed by Cotril's team, led by the creative director Giovanni Iovino, who also did the hairstyling of the show's protagonists, are the result of a masterly work of brush and hair dryer and two signed lacquers Cotril: Creative Walk Wind, quick-drying that it protects from humidity, and Creative Walk Adrenalin, ideal to model and fix the waves.

The anti-smog beautycase

Clean up the air from the smog in the big city is impossible. But effectively remove it from surface skin and protect it from damage caused by fine particles it's possible. Here then that among the cosmetic innovations I have identified the 5 my allies that will allow me to combat environmental pollution on my skin.

Cleaning should be deep
The moisturizing treatments are effective only if they are applied on clean skin. To effectively remove any dirt that is deposited on the surface of the face, I use two different treatments, one for the morning and the other in the evening

Just wake up I use Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse by Sarah Chapman, an oil-based cleanser almost impalpable. It contains a blend of refreshing and soothing essential oils of camphor, neroli, chamomile, jasmine and rose. This aromatic infusion penetrates deep into the pores of the skin by removing impurities perfectly without rubbing. To complete the cleaning step I use a soft cloth soaked in warm water: it's called Professional Cleansing Mitts, which instantly gives me a pleasant feeling refreshing.

For the evening, however, when I actually have more time to devote to skin care, I prefer to use technology, particularly the Clarisonic's sonic action, with its 300 micro-ultra gentle oscillations per second. Now I'm using the new format travel, Mia Fit, which fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. Thanks its very soft bristles, the deep cleansing is effective and does not cause irritation.

The morning care
The cosmetic that I used every morning for three weeks since I returned to Milan from vacation from the sea, is called The Moisturizing Lotion by la Mer. This is the new super-gel lotion that despite being very light offe all the advantages of the legendary la Crème. The strength of this product are the "Lotions Soft Capsules" that convey deep into the Miracle Broth (one of the most important discoveries in the field of cosmetics to combat skin dehydration) associated with the Lime Tea Concentrate (which protects the skin from the effects of ' pollution and environmental aggressions).
With this magic lotion actually my skin has become swollen and bright ... so I find it transformed and radiant.

By two weeks, I'm using a new cosmetic that has the consistency of a cloud: Deto2x by Valmont. The absorption of this product almost evanescent occurs only with the contact. The fresh and invigorated skin perceptions are immediate thanks to an oxygenating complex that goes directly to the mitochondria, a kind of lung of the skin cell, freeing it from pollutants which impede the proper functioning.
A few minutes away from the application, then, the skin undergoes a transformation: it becomes softer, smoother and more radiant. The credit goes to the extract of the Swiss apple stem cells present in the formula, which is able to activate the reproduction of skin cells.
But there's more: this product is "alive" because it looks like a fine foam, similar to a cream, that reforms on the product surface every day.

Every evening, I'm using a portentous treatment: Anti-Aging Cream by 3LAB: has a rich texture that is absorbed immediately and regenerates the skin deep down. In the morning, the complexion is smooth, hydrated and elastic. The secret is in the formula that also encloses sea water, rich in sodium and potassium hydrating and calcium which improves the compactness of stratum corneum cells. The skin then is smooth and bright thanks to the presence of vitamin C.

Cartoons and summer fragrances

The summer this year seems endless. And the ideal perfumes of this moment are Le Male, Popeye and Classique, Betty Boop, two very delicious limited editions signed by Jean Paul Gaultier, which is celebrating its first 40 years. Two Eau Fraiche particularly fresh and appetizing that offer a lingering scent that evoke the holidays. For Le Male, Popeye the protagonists notes are sage and sandalwood, while Classique, Betty Boop makes its mark with ginger, orange blossom and vanilla

Jewels that tell a story

Necklaces with thin chain and pendant are the most sophisticated and chic way to decorate the neckline. Abandoned the geometric and essential shapes, the new chains made in Italy are small but have the ability to tell a story. With its Life Limited Edition, for Iconoclass the graceful protagonists are the butterflies that flutter free in the gazebo, while Merù with its cameos in gold studded with precious stones evokings the carefree minds with the faces of young women with the wind in your hair; finally Mumati Gioielli creates a cascade of natural stones in movement that represents the medusa's tentacles.

Joan Miro, material's strenght

Mudec, Milan - until 11 September 2016

Magic bizarre childhood.. these are the adjectives that come to mind when thinking about the works of the Catalan artist's youth and early maturity. The shapes painted or sculpted by Mirò evoke formal primitivism that are found in a number of figurative artists of the '900, but which then translate into something that is stylistically recognizable.
The Milan exhibition highlights the work of sculpture, through which he, picking up all sorts of objects and shape, showing us how it is possible to recreate the forms of nature in surrealistic key. And the operation is extraordinarily interesting when he uses a monochrome, both when it is having fun with the brightness of the brightest colors.

The pleasure of perfuming your hair

Who finds out the gesture of perfuming the hair does not give it up more. Because the vaporized fragrance recurs every time he steps his fingers through his hair, or the wind lifts them and moves them as in a sinuous dance that spreads in an extremely pleasant and seductive aroma. The most interesting bouquet of the season is by Casamorati, a company founded in 1888 in Bologna and that Xerjoff has produced as a tribute to Italian craftsmanship. Parfumed Hair Mist Bouquet Ideale is part of the new collection of vintage fragrances, and is based on natural organics extracts and panthenol. The essence comes in a hydroalcoholic siliconized solution to be sprayed on hair stems. It rests on the stem as a soft, light and silky film, making the perfume last longer and giving the hair softness, lightness, shine and volume. Spray also ideal for those who have thin and fragile hair.

A watch over a majolica

Who is not fascinated by the designs and colors of the Italian majolica? Dolce & Gabbana this year have used them to make joyful and original outfits and accessories. Capri Watch was inspired by this trend by creating the clock Watch Majolic Sun, a mix of yellow, blue and green water moving on a white background to create leaves and flowers sinuous. A fantasy that covers the strap and the watch dial.

Kissed hands by a jewel

The best summer ring is decorated with a kiss. This is made by a special bronze dressed of ceramic, a treatment that allows to preserve the brightness and prevent the oxidation of this material. Fruit of Bernard Delettrez creativity, eclectic inventor of original and unusual jewelry, it is proposed in one size adaptable to the finger that will wear this little wonder.

Non chiamatela solo pasta

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[caption id="attachment_72" align="alignnone" width="650"]Pasta Damare Pasta Damare, Agra Editrice[/caption]

Per valorizzare il gusto di una pasta che da più di 125 anni è prodotta con un metodo che ne rende unico il sapore (accurata selezione del grano, uso di acqua fresca di sorgente, trafilatura a bronzo, essicazione lenta), c’è un libro che raccoglie le ricette a base di pesce messe a punto da 16 grandi chef. Un volume che non è solo un ricettario, ma un vero e proprio viaggio in Italia, con istantanee del territorio che ci permette di coglierne tutti i sapori e le ricchezze.


Do not call it just pasta 

To enhance the taste of a pasta that is produced for over 125 with a method that creates a unique flavor (careful selection of the grain, using fresh spring water, with bronze dies, slow drying), there is a book which collects fish recipes from 16 chefs. A volume that is not only a cookbook, but a real trip to Italy, with snapshots of the area that allows us to catch all the flavors and richness.

sadler teverini

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